Invest in Real Estate Debt (and Equity)

If you invest in private mortgages, we have a great platform to connect you with loan originators and private lending investment companies. Create a profile with some information about yourself and your investment criteria. Only select lending companies will have access to your profile, and they will contact you directly to inquire or present you with an investment opportunity. Your profile page will not be displayed to the general public. Here a few investment types you can add to your profile:

  • Mortgage
  • Trust Deed
  • Note Purchase
  • Debt Fund
  • Equity Fund
  • Property Acquisition
  • Syndication
  • Property Joint Venture
  • Property Development
  • Crowdfunding

Our Investor directory includes individual investors, family offices, private equity firms, funds and others. Whether you are an individual investor looking to fund a single loan, or a firm that buys notes, or a company that provides capital to private lending companies, our platform is a great place to make new connections.

How Leads Are Received
Lenders and loan originators may contact Investors by email form only. You will receive an email which you can reply to directly. All of the initial inquiries are tracked and logged in our database, but we are not involved in further communications. You can log into your account to see all the inquiries you’ve received.

What Does it Cost?

The pricing for Investors will vary based on several factors. We have a compensation agreement with the lenders who access our Investor directory, so listing on our platform is free for most investors. In some cases an investor may be required to pay a marketing fee, monthly subscription fee or annual fee. Create an account as an Investor and submit some information about your investment criteria. We will review and send you more pricing details.

Review From an Investor

Private Lender Link has been an invaluable source of leads for my organization. I have been utilizing the website since 2014. Through utilization, I have been able to meet various Hard Money Brokers that have been able to provide me with the exact types of deals that my company is looking to invest in. Additionally, the website provides me with valuable market information that allows me to adjust our parameters constantly. I highly recommend anyone to use PLL.

Perry Cooper | The REO Group | Los Angeles, CA


Private Lender Link strives to list reputable investors on our platform. We will have a phone or web conversation with you to learn about your investment criteria and determine if it’s a good fit.

  • Experience
    If you are new to private mortgage investing, we may still approve your listing but will require you to clearly state your level of experience on your profile page.

  • Written Agreement
    All Investors listed on our platform must sign an agreement. We try to keep it simple and don’t have a ton of legal jargon in our agreement. The agreement must be signed by an authorized individual - principal, owner, counsel, etc. We prefer digital signature for our agreements, but you can also print and sign by hand if you prefer.