Angela Vannucci | Blackburne & Sons

I think the most beneficial aspect of Private Lender Link, is that the leads are relevant to our lending programs. Contrary to other lead generating sites, when people come to this site, they are already aware they need private-money and are not “sticker-shocked” to learn of our rates and terms. This saves time for our loan representatives and we all know, time is money. In the few months that Blackburne & Sons has been listed as a lender on Private Lender Link, we have already closed two loans where the lead was generated from their site. And, with that, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us with Private Lender Link!

What Lenders Are Saying About PLL

What Brokers Are Saying About PLL

Noelle Wheler | Nationwide Mortgage

I have worked with Private Lender Link for years, and every aspect of the site is quality. The look and feel speaks for itself. The lenders are all vetted so I feel I am in good company. The leads that come through the site are good people, looking for a little help with their financing.

Michael Faiella | LendingOne

Private Lender Link has been a great resource for connecting lenders with potential borrowers. I have found that the clients that have reached out to me have been a much better fit for our funding platform vs other sources. The technology behind PLL has been very helpful and has made my job much easier as an originator. PLL has been a fantastic partner for us. They have spent a lot of time, effort and energy in improving the platform over the years. PLL is a great resource for lenders and borrowers when searching for funding for their next real estate project.

Perry Cooper | The REO Group

Private Lender Link has been an invaluable source of leads for my organization. I have been utilizing the website since 2014. Through utilization, I have been able to meet various Hard Money Brokers that have been able to provide me with the exact types of deals that my company is looking to invest in. Additionally, the website provides me with valuable market information that allows me to adjust our parameters constantly. I highly recommend anyone to use PLL.

Nam Pham | Pacific Private Money

We've been listed on for years and have greatly enjoyed the relationship. The PLL team is always super responsive to requests, and the site delivers. We receive quite a few leads each month and the information captured is thorough. We look forward to continuing to work with Private Lender Link!