Capital Providers for Private Mortgage Lenders


Capital Providers for Private Hard Money Lenders

The companies listed above provide capital to private money / hard money mortgage lenders throughout the United States. Some buy notes after closing. Others partner with lenders to table fund a portion of the total loan amount.

To work with the companies listed here, there are a few basic requirements:

  • Have enough funds to close the entire loan, or a portion of the loan amount
  • Established company with a strong track record
  • Pass a background check

These Capital Providers offer an efficient source of capital for private hard money lenders. Lenders that get most of their loans funded by individual private investors face many challenges and inefficiencies. While it’s still good to maintain that investor network for some loans, a Capital Provider can make a lender’s business much more streamlined.

Correspondent Programs

There are several private lending companies that offer a correspondent/wholesale program to hard money loan originators and mortgage brokers, and we have a separate directory to list these companies. These programs do not require any funds to close a loan.

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