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Amounts: $25K – $1M
Loan-to-Value: up to 65%
Interest Rates: 8% – 10%
Origination Fees: 3 – 4 points
Lien Position: 1st only
Loan Term: 5 years

Lisa Rice
Lewis Hanson & Company
120 NW Hickory Street
Albany, OR 97321
Established 1985


Lewis Hanson and Company | Direct Private Lender

Lisa Rice represents Lewis Hanson and Company, a direct private money lender that provides financing for real estate in the Western Unites States. Founded  in 1985, our private lending firm has built a solid reputation with property owners, brokers, bankers, and builders. Lewis Hanson and Company utilizes funding from a multitude of private money sources including pension/profit sharing plans, trusts, and individual investors. Our in-house loan committee makes quick decisions to fund even the most complex commercial property loans with very competitive pricing. Here are some of our guidelines:

  • Lending Area: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana Colorado, Arizona, Nevada
  • Loan Size: $25,000 to $1,000,000
  • Loan Types: Purchase, Refinance, Equity Cash Out, Construction, Land Development
  • Property Types: Multifamily (5+ Units), Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Industrial, Hotel, Automotive, Raw Land, Medical, Cannabis, Non-Owner Occupied Residential
  • Interest Rates: 7.25% to 9.50%
  • Origination Fees: 3 to 4 points
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): up to 65% LTV
  • Loan-to-Cost (LTC) for Acquisitions: up to 65% LTC
  • Loan Term: 5 years amortized over 15 years (interest only loans will be considered)
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Lien Position: 1st only
  • Flexibility: Can use multiple properties as collateral
  • Rehab Projects: Will fund major rehab projects
  • Construction Loans: Will consider ground-up construction
  • Application Fee: $500 – due after initial approval

Email Lisa Rice or call her at 541-631-0544
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