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Chalmette Louisiana

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34 months

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Commercial Property

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Cannabis Business


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Industrial Land, Commercial Land

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Street Access, Electricity, Gas, Water, Commercial Structure

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USE AND/OR EXIT PLAN: The Property is currently a “hybrid” commercial/industrial revenue-producing property. The property’s location at the Port of New Orleans, combined with its 948 frontage of the Mississippi River, provides it the ability to be utilized as a prime storage facility for major petrochemical companies and petrochemical service companies in the oil and oilfield services industry. Presently the oil refinery industry at major refineries located in the Gulf Region are undergoing major 30 to 40 year Billion-Dollar each renovations whereby current massive over-ground piping is being placed underground and under the refineries utilizing advanced horizontal drilling equipment and systems. This is to become compliant with new OSHA regulations , new Homeland Security refinery-security regulations, and new environmental regulations. These massive refinery upgrades and renovations in this region are expected to take the next 10 years or more with the huge number of refineries scheduled to be worked upon. This massive new development in the region, combined with the large production facilities right off the Gulf of Mexico directly out of New Orleans, has created a massive inflow of heavy equipment, specialized heavy equipment such as the huge horizontal drilling rigs, platform equipment, piping storage needs, equipment storage needs, and much other ancillary needs for the oil industry and oilfield services industry. This has created a unique, and huge, opportunity for specialized providers of storage facilities for all of this type of equipment, supplies, piping, heavy drilling-rigs, and other heavy specialized equipment. The preference, and obvious choices, are to locate specialized storage facilities for this equipment and supplies is at the Port of New Orleans and on properties with Mississippi River access such as Genie Holdings’ 40 Acre Property. Accordingly, Genie Holdings is utilizing, and now further developing its 40-Acre Property for this highly specialized industrial storage niche. Genie is leasing out its property in 4 to 5 acre parcels to major oil industry customers for this use. Currently it holds a revenue producing lease for 4 acres with Valero Energy (a multi-billion dollar oil company) for $16,600 Per Month for a 4 Year term, and another lease for 5 acres with Wechem Corporation (one of the larges oil-field services company) for $18,750 Per Month for a 5 Year term. This currently generating $35,350 in Monthly Revenue over the next 4-5 years. Genie Holding’s plans are to continue to build out pad-space in 4 to 5 acre sections and continue to attract these highly niche customers. Such build out consists of semi-improvements such as grading and sand padding of the sites, heavy gravel padding of at least 3 feet gravel base upon each site, when requested providing specialized temporary metal building structures for special purpose storage of either equipment or supplies on the given section of site for the specific customer, as well as a security system, fencing, and other ancillary improvements as requested by the future customers. Genie Holdings goal is to lease out at least 33 acres of the available 40 acres. This provides the potential of an additional 6 customers with a potential of an additional $100,000 per month revenue. With this long-term condition, and the potential to increase overall long-term revenue from its property to potentially as much as $135,000 per month ($1,600,000 per year), although having entertained purchase offers for the property for in excess of $4,800,000, Genie Holdings has decided for now, that it is far more financially beneficial, and tax-wise beneficial, to instead continue to generate the revenue producing hybrid use for the property. Hence, the “exit plan” for any short term loan is to either just pay it off over the next 2-3 years, or to move to permanent financing in approximately one year after finding temporary financing at this time as these options just make simple sense.

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39 acres

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