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1st Road NorthEast, Fairfield Montana 59436

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48 months

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Residential Property

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Single Family Residence

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3.85 acres

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Scenario: I have approximately 4 acres of land that is currently going through sub division and surveying. Sometime in November the property will be completed and titled to me free and clear. I need financing to purchase the house and prep the land. The home building is scheduled to start in October which it will then need to paid for and I will then bring in power, drill a well and pour the foundation. The home is built very well with high quality. Pictures and information about the home can be accessed at Prime lending will not work because I have recently became an independent contractor and the work history requirement has not been met.
I want to bring this to a more personal level so you can get a feeling of who I am and why I'm a good investment. I am a single father raising two daughters and a military veteran discharged with honors. My past employment opportunities include construction supervisor to sales manager and plant manager. I am currently contracting for a Pearson Farms a large and growing operation. Pearson Farms was established in 1932 and has become one of the largest farms in this area. The second generation Pearson's are childhood family friends that attended the same school and church as I do and now our children are doing the same. This is a very stable job that leaves me no time to contract work elsewhere. This a reliable permanent line of work providing many perks including land. My credit score averages 850 because paying bills on time and being successful is important to me and my family. I will conclude this with the fact that I am a good investment with a proven pass of dependability. Feel free to reach out to my professional contacts.
Clint Christensen
Richard Whitcomb Owner Whitcomb Grain Systems (320) 974-8337
David Price Vice President Warrior Mfg. (320) 587-5505
Paul Soukup CEO/President Warrior Mfg. (320) 587-5505
Spencer Pearson Owner Pearson Farms (406) 590-3729
Bill Pearson Owner Pearson Farms (406) 590-1119

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(406) 450-4226




Fairfield, Montana

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