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Connected Investors Office
254 N. Front Street
Wilmington, North Carolina

Date & Time

04/16/2020 to 04/19/2020
All Day


Real Estate Investing

Connected Investors Is Hosting A Live Event!

Meet Funders & Flippers and Trainers

An Event Like This Has NEVER Been Done Before
Because only connected investors could host an event that puts real estate investors, private lenders and the best real estate educators under one roof. There are only 100 spots for this exclusive event.

The one event that has it all:

  • Networking
  • Private Lenders
  • Find Deals
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Scaling
  • Automation
  • Awards

Who should attend:

  • Real Estate Investors (all levels)
  • Private Lenders
  • Hedge Fund Managers

Here is what we are providing:

Unparalleled Value
The Funders and Flippers event is specifically designed to give you a market-leading, cutting edge technology and techniques for how to find deals, fund deals, and how to maximize your profits from beginning to end.

An Unmatchable Experience
This is not just ‘Another event. we are putting some of our most powerful private lenders, most serious investors and top educators in the same room… it’s never been done like this before, and only the fortunate few who act now will have this amazing access.

360 Degrees
This event Provides 360 degrees of real estate! from sourcing deals to finding funding… This event bring everything together.

Unlock & Open Opportunities
Build live-changing relationships. your ability to get your deals over the finish line will always come down to your relationships. the more relationships you have in place the more deals you can get done.

During this event we show you exactly how to build the machine that ensures your business is running smooth and on auto-pilot. Success is a choice. It’s deciding what you want, and then investing in yourself in order to make it happen. The results you get hinge on your ability to get it done.

High Touch
In order to provide the ideal experience, it dawned on me… I can’t fit more than 100 investor groups in the room. this provides an intimate, high touch experience helping us ensure everyone is taken care of.

World Class
During this red-carpet training and networking event You’ll be surrounded with the brightest minds and most successful real estate investors and private lenders in the community.

Connected Investors