How it Works for Business Owners

Private Lender Link is a great resource to find companies that offer financing for small businesses throughout the United States.

Browse & Contact

The Private Lender Link platform is an open resource for small business owners.

  • Browse our directory – simply select ‘Small Business’ from the loan type list, then enter a state or metro area.
  • View each company’s profile to learn about their lending guidelines, programs, background information, and more
  • Contact each company directly by phone, email form, or visit their websites

The Small Business sector of our website is fairly new, and we only have a few companies listed at this time. We should have several more on our platform by April 2022.

Please note that a couple of companies listed here are not direct lenders. They are tech-driven marketplaces that have relationships with many lenders, and they offer a service to place your loan with a lender.


What is the cost to use this platform?

There is no fee to search our Small Business lender directory. The few companies listed at this time will pay us a success fee after your loan is funded. Our fee is typically a percentage of the total origination fees they collect.


More Small Business Options Coming Soon

In the next few months we will be working hard to add more small business finance companies. We will also incorporate business lending into our Loan Request Experience which offers the ability to enter & save your loan details, then invite lenders to view it. You will also have the option to request recommendations from us.

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