Investment Type

Debt Fund

Target Return

7% - 12% Annually

Minimum Investment


Avondale Private Lending offers private mortgage loans to real estate investors in Texas.

For accredited investors, we provide an opportunity to invest in our loan fund, Avondale Private Lending LLC (“the fund”).  The overall objective of the fund is to deliver target returns of 8-12% per year (net of fees) to investors by originating first lien, business purpose loans that are collateralized by real estate.  Minimum investments are $50,000 and all types of IRAs (Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE) can be used through a self-directed IRA custodian.

An investment in our fund is ideal for income-oriented, accredited investors seeking one of the following:

  1. High yield income. Investors can earn annual returns of 8-12%.
  2. A secured investment. Each loan is secured by a Deed of Trust.
  3. An alternative investment. Unlike stocks and bonds, private loans are a niche asset class.
  4. A tangible investment. Investors can meet borrowers and visit properties related to the loans.
  5. Be the bank. Private lending allows you to participate in one of the oldest forms of finance.

According to a recent Gallup survey, 89% of families with annual income over $100,000 have money invested in the stock market. What’s amazing is that to the contrary, a very small percent of the investing public (maybe 1%) practices private lending or note investing as an investment strategy. In other words, very few investors understand that you can “be the bank”.


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