Investment Type

Debt Fund

Target Return

8% - 10% Annually

Minimum Investment


Strategy Type

Debt Short-Term

Collateral Type

Residential Property, Commercial Property

Property Type

Residential Investment, Residential Land, Commercial Land, Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Healthcare, Assisted Living Facility, Storage Facility, Senior Housing, Student Housing, Mobile Home Park, RV Park, Automotive

Cetan Income Fund

We offer accredited investors superior returns through exposure to the Northwest’s thriving real estate market.

Why Invest in Cetan Income Fund?

Superior Returns, Fast Cash Flow

  • The fund target is 8 – 10% return, appealing to investors seeking higher yields than available in today’s low-interest-rate market.  Quarterly distributions start at the outset and may be reinvested or withdrawn.

Excellent Risk Management

  • A seasoned management team, thorough due-diligence on borrowers and underlying assets, a blended loan portfolio strategy that focuses on small loan size and short loan terms position the fund for superior downside protection.

Real Estate Secured Loans

  • Cetan Funds loans are secured by a deed of trust on the borrower’s real estate, most often in the first position.

Deep Local Market Knowledge

  • Cetan Management has over 50 years of combined Oregon real-estate lending and development experience and sterling reputations. This grants management privileged access to deal flow with local agents & brokers and the regional know-how to access them.

Strong Regional Economic Trends

  • Our investment strategy benefits from strong regional fundamentals, driven by limited housing stock, strong in-migration, and strong local economic growth rates.

Successful Track Record

  • Cetan Income Fund has shown superior returns from its inception. Launched in March 2017, the annualized quarterly investor return has consistently hit our target of 8-10%.

Investment Options:

Membership Units

Investors seeking the maximum rate of return may purchase subscription units

Secured Notes

Investors seeking fixed-rate superior returns may invest as Note Holders

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