Property Geographic Area Details


Investment Type

Mortgage Trust Deed

Target Return

8% to 12% Annually

Minimum Investment


Lien Position

Only 1st Liens

Average LTV for All Loans


Average Loan Term

18 months

Property Types and Loan Types

Collateral Types

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

Property Types

  • Residential Investment
  • Residential Owner-Occupied
  • Residential Land
  • Commercial Land
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Mixed-Use
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Storage Facility
  • Student Housing
  • Cannabis

Loan Types

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Equity Cash Out

Investor Types

  • Individual Accredited
  • Individual Non-Accredited
  • Ultra High Net Worth Investor
  • Family Office

Funding Process

Fund Loan at Closing

Note Ownership Offered

Both Whole and Fractional


Always Retained

California’s Leading Trust Deed Marketplace is the leading marketplace for Trust Deed Investments and Investors. The marketplace offers the best selection of California Trust Deeds available.  CrowdTrustDeed (CTD) provides an online real time marketplace that connects real estate lenders with investors and business purpose borrowers. CTD’s goal is to offer investments with the Real Estate as collateral and to solve the problem of inefficient, fragmented, and opaque real estate lending by using technology, data-driven processes, and expert human touch to create transparency with low fees.

CTD fills the void between slow, over-regulated banks, and hard money lenders that cannot supply timely or consistent sources of capital. The transparent, simple, and efficient solution allows qualified investors to easily build a high yielding Trust Deed Portfolio with steady cash flow that diversifies their funds while giving borrowers reliable access to capital for a variety of business purpose scenarios.  Whether buying or selling, CrowdTrustDeed is designed to simplify Trust Deed Investing for all investors.


Trust Deed Investors realize the significant benefits of a diversified high yielding portfolio of Trust Deed investments providing monthly income. But, they are challenged by today’s offline process resulting in often stale offering status, inconsistent due-diligence, no centralized deal source, limited ability to select co-investors, no visibility into payoff timing, re-investment challenges, lack of liquidity, and multiple unconsolidated statements. Our goal is to solve those challenges by moving the process online – all accessible through CrowdTrustDeed. Vetting of the investment and of the other lenders participating can happen online in real-time and a registered user can build their own Trusted Crowd.


Our investors have received 100% return of their principal and greater than 10% interest since inception. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.


  • You become the Lender when you invest in Trust Deeds. Let your capital work for you by earning high yielding monthly income. Trust Deed investing is simple. No gimmicks or complicated formulas. CrowdTrustDeed connects the Lender to the borrower through the Internet.
  • It is simple to get started. Register or Sign In, click on Available Offerings and then Review and Pledge on the available high quality Trust Deeds. You can pledge for the whole loan if available or a fractional interest.
  • If you are interested in Selling a California Trust Deed, you can do that too, visit our Sell page for more information about becoming a Sponsor.
  • Qualified California Residents Only

CrowdTrustDeed Workflow:

  1. Complete Registration Profile
  2. Complete Brief Investor Suitability Questionnaire
  3. Complete Investor Preferences
  4. CrowdTrustDeed approves your Registration and sends verifying email
  5. Click Available Offerings Tab to see and review live Trust Deed Opportunities
  6. Select Trust Deed, review details, and select “Pledge” Amount
  7. Review Due Diligence Material sent via an email link. Edit Pledge if needed.
  8. Receive email with Attachments that the Trust Deed is fully subscribed and ready for funding
  9. Print and wet sign or esign Lender documents
  10. Wire funds from your bank per Wire instructions to the open Escrow for the transaction and click to confirm the wire transmission
  11. Receive funding confirmation email, Lender Welcome Package from Servicer, and then the first ACH deposit
  12. Receive monthly income and then, when paid off, go back to Step #6

Sign-up to become an investor/lender, it only takes a couple of minutes to register. Each investor’s information is reviewed prior to their account being approved. You will receive an email upon approval, usually within a few hours, and surely by the next business day.

Preview the wide selection of Trust Deeds available in our marketplace. Offerings are updated daily.  Select opportunities based on your investment interests, property type, location, loan amount, interest rate, or other criteria to ensure the investment is suitable for you.  These Investor Preferences can be used to filter the emails to you of the Available Offerings.

Select from newly originated loans (Promissory Note and Trust Deed) funded directly from escrow or buy a “seasoned loan” that is already closed with a payment history.

Pledge an investment amount, either for the whole loan amount or a factional interest. When you pledge we will provide secure access to the loan file so you conduct your own due diligence, assessing the risk and suitability. You can increase, decrease, or release your pledge at any time prior to funding.

Fractional interests are available in units that are anywhere from 100% of the loan amount (whole loan) to  1/10th of the loan amount or a minimum of $25,000. Each Trust Deed investment is limited to a maximum of 10 investors.

Once a loan is fully funded and ready to close, the investment status will change to funding now. At that time no changes to pledges will be allowed. All investors will be notified and lender documents will be provided for signing along with wire instructions for wiring funds into escrow.

Lenders that pledge on a Trust Deed will be notified via email that the loan has moved into the funding stage. During the funding stage, Lenders will receive 3 documents including:

  1. Servicing Agreement
  2. Lender Purchase Disclosure Statement
  3. RE 870 if a first time Lender
  4. Wire Instructions

Lenders should sign/esign and send back #1, #2 and #3 above and then follow the instructions on the email regarding wiring the funds to the Escrow for the transaction.

Monthly principal and interest payments on the loans you have invested in are automatically deposited to your bank account. All loan servicing is managed by our loan servicer, the leading private money servicer in America, with over $7 Billion of loans in servicing and a 30 year operating history.

When the borrower is ready to pay off their loan, either at maturity or earlier, a payoff notice will be provided to you. A final interest payment will be sent to the Lender along with the remaining principal balance. Your capital is then ready to reinvest.


  • Over $191 Million in Funded Loans
  • Over 900 Loans Funded
  • Over $28 Million in Interest Payments to Lenders
  • 0% Loan Losses


We provide transparency into the total actual returns our investors achieve investing on the CrowdTrustDeed Investor Management platform.


Our founder, Sandy MacDougall, has over 30 years of experience in real estate with experience encompassing real estate lending, brokerage, investing, and technology. Our managing directors have a minimum of 10 years real estate lending experience each and have orchestrated hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate transactions in their careers. All founders are active investors in Trust Deeds, holding a significant percentage of their personal investment portfolios in Trust Deeds.

The broker sponsors, who originate loans listed on CrowdTrustDeed have experience and operating history with their current companies, with the necessary regulatory licenses to originate California Trust Deeds.

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