Investment Type

Mortgage Trust Deed

Target Return

7% - 12% Annually

Minimum Investment


At MOR Financial, one of California’s leading Hard Money Lenders, we are proud to partner investors together to complete projects. We match our private lenders with loan that meet the criteria set by the them we evaluate each deal on an individual basis and process it through multiple vetting processes. We target to get investors the best ROI possible while keeping the investment protected. What sets MOR Financial apart from other hard money lenders is our customer service. From our sales, investor relations and servicing department, clients will always be able to reach someone who will be able to help them with their needs. For private lenders we provide an online portal to be able to view each investment status and detail. We service our loans in house which means you will be working with the same team from funding until payoff and will not get any surprise fees charged to you after you have funded a loan.

When doing a straight purchase or as is loan we evaluate the property and max out at 75% of the As is value or purchase price. We make sure there is enough equity in the property to protect the Private lenders investment. We also only do business purpose loans to protect the investment further. Most of our as-is loans are between 60% – 70% LTV which a sweet spot for MOR.

MOR Financial Services, Inc.


Office Locations

1100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1701, Los Angeles, California, 90017
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