Members of the American Association of Private Lenders are the new trend-setters in the private lending industry. From their voluntary adherence to a Code of Ethics to their knowledge of the private lending process, they are the gold standard for the profession.

Now you can be part of this organization and receive all the benefits that other members are already enjoying!


Both investors and borrowers will recognize your professionalism when you display the Association’s logo. Adding it to your advertising materials and business cards builds credibility and consumer confidence in your abilities. By adhering to AAPL’s Code of Ethics you set yourself apart as an industry professional and put yourself in the upper tier of private lenders.


A key to success in any industry is having a network of skilled professionals who can help you do your job effectively. With better resources, you get better results.

That’s why AAPL not only includes private lenders, but also brokers, attorneys, accountants, mortgage fund managers, loan servicers, debt buyers, and consultants, and many others. There is an ever growing number of resources available to you.

That means that you have the ability to not only put together more deals, but better deals. And that improves your bottom line. Plus it does it every month of every year while you’re a member.


AAPL is committed to hosting industry conferences, seminars and professional development programs. Here you can expand your knowledge base and learn what is working for others in the industry.

With the financial world in a constant state of change, strategies that worked a few years ago often don’t apply today. At the same time, there are opportunities you can learn about for generating positive results in the future.

The maxim “the more you know, the more you’ll make” has never been more true than in today’s economy. That’s why AAPL is so committed to providing professional development opportunities. Plus, as an association member, you’ll qualify for special discounts at conferences and AAPL education programs.


When you join AAPL, you also receive a set of tools to help you with your business.

You will receive the AAPL logo and the rights to display our logo on your promotional materials. You will also receive detailed instructions for designers so you can just hand them the files and they’ll have everything they need.

You and your company will be included in the AAPL website as a member in good standing. This includes  your contact information so potential investors and borrowers can contact you easily. You can use the listing as a validation of your company and of your membership with AAPL.


AAPL is the publisher of Private Lender magazine. Members automatically receive the magazine subscription but anyone can subscribe!

Private Lender by AAPL  includes updates, information and interviews relevant to the private lending industry. Each issue helps keep you up-to-date with trends and recent developments.

Get all the current information on membership at If you have specific questions, call us at (913) 888-1250. Now is the time to take your business to the next level.


The American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) is the first – and only – national organization supporting private real estate finance professionals. AAPL serves as the catalyst for growth through fostering awareness, promoting best practices, and enforcing the industry’s only Code of Ethics. We lend experience, enterprise, and energy to elevate standards for the industry and give you a voice in your future.

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Professionally, AAPL provides validation and credibility to an industry that has no formal structure or affiliations (and desperately needed one). With other professions, (take Realtors for example), there are national, state and local organizations that market and promote the industry in a positive way. I became a member because AAPL wants to be synonymous with integrity and ethics in private lending. I believe my association with AAPL, illustrates that I hold myself to a higher set of standards and operate within a framework that is honest and trustworthy, and in the interest of my clients. I have benefited because I have had more than one member contact me about a lead in my area, and have sent leads to other members in areas where I do not lend. Even though a loan didn't materialize, it was great to know that members that don't know each other, are trusting one another enough to do this. I love this organization, will continue to promote it, and am glad to be part of it.

Mark Hanna

Investmark Mortgage

AAPL has a wonderful group of people that are so personable and professional. I have enjoyed going to AAPL conferences as this is the heart of the private money industry. It's the best place to learn and meet key players that can help you grow you business. That's what i's been for me.

Noelle Wheeler

Nationwide Mortgage