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If You Finance or Invest in Small-Cap Commercial Assets, Boxwood Means Has a Solution for You

Since our beginnings as a real estate research firm, we have built a data-centric culture, a tech-intensive infrastructure and an industry reputation for providing tools and insights that boost performance in the small-cap CRE domain. We offer a wide range of valuation products and services designed to fit any kind of financial institution and every type of collateral-from warehouses and strip centers to office condos, mixed use properties and more.

Our flagship valuation product is a series of commercial evaluation reports under the FieldSmart brand. See our full suite of property valuation products below. Also below is information on our unique, subscription-based small-balance loan reports and prices indices that yield big-picture insights about small-cap CRE investment markets that tend to travel under the radar.

Our Valuation Products


  • Instant Valuation
  • Least Costly
  • Optional Inspection


  • Fast
  • Cost Effective
  • Federally Compliant
  • Income & Sales Approaches


  • Abbreviated Narrative
  • USPAP-FIRREA Compliant
  • Appraisal & Restricted Reports


For fast, reliable valuations, our FieldSmart series of commercial evaluations are unsurpassed.

Each FieldSmart commercial evaluation report provides a professional, fully supported opinion of value based on in-depth research of a subject property’s attributes and sales and/or rent comparables, including line-item detail, for one of three valuation approaches:

  • Comparable sales
  • Sales and income
  • Income only

FieldSmart reports come with either an exterior or exterior-interior inspection and are available nationwide. At significantly less cost than a full appraisal, you get an evaluation that is fully compliant with federal agency guidelines and backed by our in-house team of appraisers and analysts who are committed to delivering the highest-quality valuation product on time, every time.


Struggling with high appraisal costs? Our abbreviated Streamline Appraisal product was specifically designed to provide all the quality and confidence of a full appraisal without breaking the bank. Currently available in more than 30 states, Streamline leverages Boxwood’s tech-intensive valuation platform and proprietary analytics to generate a USPAP- and FIRREA-compliant appraisal report quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Looking for even greater savings? Try our Restricted Appraisal – a condensed version of our Streamline report that still delivers the quality valuations for which Boxwood Means is known.


When you need an immediate estimate of a commercial property’s value, you need Valpro—our instant, objective automated valuation model (AVM) product for small-cap CRE properties.

Valpro is a hybrid statistical model that creates an estimate of value based on an extensive pool of property, sales and market data. Every Valpro report also includes building characteristics, tax assessed value, location maps and a confidence score. Simply enter a property’s address, and within seconds, Valpro delivers an accurate estimate of value. Use Valpro for a quick confirmation of value, to size a loan or to QC any other market value assessments – or use it to update LTVs on loan portfolios to determine potential loss severity and overall value.

Our complementary product, Valpro PC, combines Boxwood’s AVM with an inspection of the subject property. Valpro PC complies with federal agency guidelines for a commercial property evaluation report used by bank institutions.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Boxwood Means’ unique Small Balance Loan (SBL) reports give senior executives, loan officers and research analysts the upper hand when it comes to strategic planning and business development.

Available by subscription, our Small Balance Loan reports helps lenders and investors:

  • Size the market opportunities
  • Allocate staff resources wisely by identifying fast-growing and slow-growing markets
  • Benchmark loan volume against competitors
  • Forecast loan production for the next six months or year
  • Develop new loan products or market initiatives

The Small Balance Loan report is available in 37 individual states and is updated quarterly. Each report includes statistics and trends on loan market size, top lenders by market share, and top-producing county locations.


Updated every month, our Small Commercial Price Index (SCPI) and our Small Multifamily Price Index (SMPI) help lenders and investors make sense of market trends and investment risk.

Both sets of indices monitor property sales under $5 million in value. Each is designed to boost your market intelligence about the status and direction of investment markets, relative market strength and where changing metro trends may signal the need for a deeper dive into asset-level performance.

Small Commercial Price Index (SCPI)
Lenders and investors trust our SCPI data to monitor changes in collateral values and market conditions over time. Our SCPI product tracks small commercial property sales for a broad spectrum of commercial properties in 125 U.S. markets.

Small Multifamily Price Index (SMPI)
To help lenders and investors better assess multifamily opportunities and risk, our SMPI tracks price trends for small rental housing properties across 50 U.S. markets.

Available by subscription, our price indices are delivered monthly in a PDF report and in spreadsheet format to enable analysis and segmentation. No matter what type of collateral is being financed or already in the portfolio, our price indices provide the insights you need.


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Founded in 2003, Boxwood Means is the leading national provider of high quality valuations, data analytics and research for the small-cap commercial real estate space. We leverage decades of experience in quantitative methods, large datasets and leading-edge technology to help lenders and investors comprehend and seize market opportunities that benefit clients and themselves. Our commercial evaluations, appraisals and AVMs were designed to serve a wide variety of collateral valuation needs in the small-cap market. And banks, non-bank lenders and investors rely upon our proprietary small balance loan origination research, commercial price indices and ad-hoc consulting services to gain a deeper understanding of their markets, investments and financial risks.

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