Legal Services for Private Hard Money Lenders

Caballero Lender Services assists Private-Hard Money Lenders and Servicers with real estate closings, foreclosures, evictions, and bankruptcy.

Caballero Lender Services, LLC is devoted to delivering uncompromised services with exceptional customer experience.


Legal Services Offered

Customized Loan Documents

Our attorneys have experience with bridge/private-money transactions in both closing the loan transaction and, if necessary, foreclosure when the loan defaults. Commercial loan documents are rarely standardized as is the case with residential documents.  Our attorneys will work with the lender to draft the documents necessary to protect the rights of the lender, with an eye toward enforcement of the Lender’s remedies. The larger the transaction, the more complex and the more expertise is needed to prepare the documents properly, our attorneys have the requisite experience.

If the loan defaults, the attorneys we work with know the difference on how to prosecute the foreclosure without the delays of the “big box, residential foreclosure mills.” The attorneys we work with are skilled to overcome the problem that arise when the original loan documents are deficient.

Settlement & Closings Services

The real estate attorneys that Caballero Lender Services works with have extensive experience and specific knowledge of all aspects of buying, selling, and financing residential and commercial properties.

The attorneys represent various residential and commercial lenders ranging from multinational banks to small private funds. Drawing on our extensive experience, knowledge, and relationships that we have established with local and national lenders, and mortgage brokers we can offer our clients professional, efficient representation—insuring your real estate transaction closes smoothly.

Transaction Types

  • Fix and Flip
  • Multi-Family
  • Bridge Loans
  • Construction Loans


Our attorneys assist servicers, lenders, investors, and asset managers with foreclosures. They are pro-active in assisting our clients in finding a solution to any issue and are supportive in finding resolutions. Each firm believes in a high level of client communication so that their matters proceed timely. Each firm is experienced in providing services within all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, and investor client timelines, and complies with all applicable fee and regulatory compliance guidelines. The firms prosecute the foreclosure without the delays of the “big box, foreclosure mills.” The firms have extensive experience in the following foreclosure-related areas:

  • Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  • Fix and Flip Foreclosures
  • Commercial foreclosures
  • Personal Property Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures of Mobile / Manufactured Homes
  • Title Claim and Curative Actions
  • Strict Foreclosure and Quiet Title Actions
  • Short Sales
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Deficiency Actions
  • Senior Lien Monitoring
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Contested Foreclosure Actions
  • Tax Deed Foreclosures


Representing creditor’s rights, it is our intention to maximize value for our clients’ claim in reorganization and liquidation proceedings utilizing all legal remedies available, including settlement or litigation. Specific areas of representation include:

  • Motions for Relief from the automatic stay
  • Filing of Proof of Claim and Transfer of Claim
  • Prosecution and defense of secured and unsecured claims
  • Defenses of avoidance actions
  • Adversarial proceedings
  • Confirmation proceedings and objections
  • Defenses to cram down

For Bankruptcy services, we operate Nationwide. We will be your one point of contact for the preparation and filing of Proofs of Claim, Transfer of Claims, PPFN, Payment Changes, Request for Notice, and Reaffirmation Agreements in every jurisdiction in the United States

Caballero Lender Services assists lenders and servicers on private money loans by providing guidance and advice based on decades of experience in the mortgage industry – saving you the time and money of vetting service providers yourself. CLS was founded and is run by  George G. Caballero, an attorney, investor, and servicer with over 30 years in the mortgage and real estate industry. George has developed a unique and time-tested network of attorneys that assist with the origination and default needs of private money lenders for Fix and Flip, Multi-family, bridge, and construction loans.  The attorneys in the CLS Network were vetted throughout the years, and George has personally used them to protect his clients and his own assets throughout his career.


  • NPLA - National Association of Private Lenders
  • AAPL - American Association of Private Lenders

Real Estate Sectors

  • Residential Investment Real Estate
  • Residential Owner-Occupied Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Private Mortgage Lending

Customer Types

  • Private Mortgage Lenders
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Residential Mortgage Brokers
  • Residential Property Investors
  • Residential Real Estate Brokers
  • Note Investors
  • Small Business Lenders

George G. Caballero



With over 30 years of experience as an attorney, investor, and servicer in the mortgage and real estate industry, George has developed a unique skill set that his clients find extremely valuable. George utilizes his vast knowledge to assist servicers, lenders, private money lenders, investors, and asset managers with default legal representation, including contested litigation and REO closings. George is pro-active in ensuring that his clients find a solution to any potential problem. Prior to founding Caballero Lender Services, George built and managed the legal department for a nationwide mortgage servicer. Throughout his years of experience as both a servicer and investor, George had the opportunity to build and maintain a nationwide network of the best attorneys to handle foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, real estate closings, and litigation related to mortgages and real estate. The law firms that partner with Caballero Lender Services each hold similar values and believe in a high level of client communication. Additionally, they all go through a thorough background check prior to any partnership or representation. George has had the privilege of speaking at leading industry conferences, including the MBA Servicing Conference, ALFN, USFN, Legal League 100, the Five Star Conference, and the IMN Mortgage Notes & NPL Forum. George is licensed to practice law in LA and MS and has an AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review rating from Martindale Hubbell.

I’ve known George for many years, and I could not think of a more reliable, responsive and knowledgeable person in the mortgage foreclosure, curative and servicing markets. From his vast experience in the field, George built Caballero Lender Services out of the best attorneys by great reputation, cost and speed. My firm, ProTitleUSA, uses George’s firm all the time for many complex title curative issues and would recommend his firm to all players in capital markets.

Alex Goldovsky

CEO and President, ProTitleUSA

There are few individuals in the mortgage banking industry that have the character, passion and fortitude that match their professional expertise and breadth of knowledge. George is one of them. I’ve personally known George for over 15 years, and I have provided legal services for his previous business endeavors. From an attorney-client perspective, I can say that very few individuals possess his level of energy, enthusiasm, and exactness for detail and getting the job done right and on time. He is a stickler for accuracy and follows up on projects (no matter how big or how small) to ensure completion. Few people in this industry possess his acumen for building and maintaining relationships.

Michael L. Zevitz

Managing Attorney, SouthLaw

George and his team are our trusted advisors for legal recovery of non-performing mortgage debt. Whether it’s borrower mediation, foreclosure, litigation, or general loan servicing and loss mitigation advice, George is our first call. I strongly recommend him to any fellow debt-buyer

Paul Birkett

CEO & Founder, Automation Finance