Property Inspection Service for Private Mortgage Lenders

Residential & Multi-Family Property Inspection Services

A national leader in residential construction inspections, CIS Inspects performs hundreds of draw inspections every month throughout the United States. Our fees are highly competitive, including volume discounts and discounts for multiple lot inspections in a single subdivision. In addition to our fast turnaround times, you’re sure to appreciate our friendly, reliable service.

Commercial Property Inspection Services

CIS Inspects performs commercial construction progress inspections for any commercial building including apartments, condos and small retail construction projects. Our inspection reports are accurate, reliable, and completed in a timely manner. Whatever your commercial construction project is, our inspection services keep you up-to-date on the status of your construction project. Contact us and we’ll talk about how we can help with your commercial inspection needs.

Construction Cost Analysis

Start every project knowing it’s feasible and fundable with a Construction Cost Analysis from CIS Inspects. We offer a comprehensive financial review of your project to determine if the budget accurately reflects the scope of work necessary to complete the project as designed. Our estimators have direct access to local, regional and national construction costs and processes. The information is then analyzed to determine if the budget is adequate to construct the project as designed. If the funding is found to be inadequate, we provide the estimated cost to correct the found deficiencies. This level of knowledge and understanding guarantees that we can provide our clients with a Construction Cost Analysis that reflect today’s residential and commercial construction costs.

Percentage of Completion Analysis

At CIS Inspects we offer a comprehensive project review of partially constructed projects to identify the percentage of completion. The inspection is then supplemented by reviewing available project plans and specifications, as well as discussions with municipal building officials. Together the information gained from these resources is used to develop an accurate Percentage of Completion Analysis. Let CIS Inspects ease your mind and set you in the right direction with our Percentage of Completion Analysis.

Cost to Complete Analysis

Our Cost to Complete Analysis takes it one step further by identifying the budget needed to complete a project that has become interrupted midstream either by contractor non-performance or financial setbacks. A thorough site inspection is done to ascertain the extent of construction completed and then a budget is determined to complete the project.

Annual Property Portfolio Inspections

An Annual Portfolio Inspection from CIS Inspects encompasses the existing condition of the building(s) exterior, landscaping, parking areas and any site improvements for all accessible structures of each property held in your portfolio.

As the portfolio lender, these are your assets! Let us help make sure they are being maintained to your specifications. Whether the property has been kept up or if deferred maintenance is an issue, we have found over the years that third party, objective reports are essential to maintaining healthy relationships between you and your borrowers.

A CIS Inspects report includes a description of the property, deferred maintenance issues, tenant verification, questionable usage situations or notification of abandonment, as well as an array of photos documenting each property. Our Annual Portfolio Inspection reports are customizable to your needs. Contact us and put our expertise to work for you.

Tenant Improvement & SBA Inspections

At CIS Inspects, we have been providing Tenant Improvement (TI)/SBA inspections for many years and have found that our attention to detail, combined with our extensive construction experience, provides our clients with the exact information our clients require. Our comprehensive Tenant Improvement and SBA Inspection reports keep you updated on the status throughout the project’s completion. Additionally, CIS Inspects, in conjunction with our fund control partners, meet the requirements mandated for SBA loan compliance.

CIS Inspects Tenant Improvement/SBA Inspections include:

  • Exterior Photos of Structures and Site
  • Interior Photos of Improvements
  • Business Signage Verification
  • Verification of Inventory on Hand
  • Equipment Verification
  • SBA 504 and 7(a) Compliancy Verification

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Construction Inspection Specialists offers a full range of inspection and due diligence services to residential and commercial lenders nationwide. With a team of trained professional inspectors, our experienced staff is prepared to provide you with everything from commercial and residential loan draw inspections, construction cost analysis reports, and owner representation services to annual commercial portfolio inspections.

Our company is geared to perform inspections with speed and efficiency utilizing the latest in handheld field technologies. Let us help you to protect your clients and your company’s bottom line. Honesty and Integrity are what you receive from CIS. Celebrating nearly 23 years, we are one of the leading premier inspection services nationwide. We are extremely committed to our customers and accept nothing less than delivering top quality commercial and residential inspections.

Clients find our inspections are fast, friendly and follow industry-established guidelines with a level of service that demonstrates how strongly we value our business relationships. We will document the work that is in progress and compare it to the contractor’s statement in a way that assures you that the appropriate payment for materials and labor completed to date will be funded.

Most importantly, we are all fully committed to meeting your needs in a way that assures you peace of mind knowing that you have engaged the best possible inspection service to facilitate your inspection and due diligence needs.

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Construction Inspection Specialists pays us to be listed, so there is no fee to connect. Share your loan request, send a simple email, call, or visit their website.

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