Data Services for Private Mortgage Lenders

Credit Plus offers more than 160 intelligent, time-saving products and services designed to help mortgage professionals succeed as they serve their clients better. Our expert customer support team operates like a consultant, guiding mortgage professionals toward more loan closings. In short, we provide Simply the Best Mortgage Information Services:

  • Tri-Merge Credit Reports
  • Credit Radar™ At-a-Glance Credit Report Cover Page
  • Score Plus/Rapid Re-score
  • Undisclosed Debt Verifications from all three bureaus
  • FraudPlus risk, fraud and error prevention
  • Verification of employment with access to The Work Number®, a solution offered through Equifax Workforce Solutions*
  • QC Review quality control for pre-closing, post-closing and forensics review
  • Tax Return Verifications
  • Flood zone determinations
  • Appraisal services
  • Lead generation services

Business Credit Reports

For lenders and companies that extend credit to other businesses, staying on top of a firm’s credit status is critical – and challenging. Get better business intel with the Business Intel Suite from Credit Plus. Our Business Intel Suite is comprised of tools that contain verified data from a third-party source – which means it is not “self-reported” – something competing data providers readily offer but is far less reliable. Use our predictive analytics for more confident decisions.

  • BUSINESS CREDIT INDUSTRY REPORTS – Provides in-depth customizable credit information so you can make an educated decision such as business demographics, public records, trade and financial payment histories, corporate family trees, personal credit report and FICO score on company’s principal(s), and more.
  • BUSINESS PRINCIPAL REPORT – Entrepreneurs often fund their businesses using their personal credit. That’s why if you’re evaluating risk, it may not be enough to rely on the credit history of the business alone. Our Business Principal Report offers credit information on the owner, so you can make more confident credit decisions throughout the account life cycle. And, it’s a soft credit pull. We are one of the only firms offering this.
  • TRI-MERGE PERSONAL CREDIT REPORTS – Personal credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to help evaluate a borrower’s credit history and help make a more informed lending decision.

Mortgage Fraud Prevention Tools

Move with Confidence Through the Loan Process. Credit Plus is committed to the fight against fraud. Our verification services and mortgage fraud prevention tools help identify fraudulent or invalid loan applications to protect you from taking on undue risk. Feel secure knowing that Credit Plus will help you recognize fraudulent applicants more quickly and permit you to move through the loan process with increased confidence.

  • Tax Return Verification Reports
  • Undisclosed Debt Verifications
  • Employment Verification
  • Verifications of Deposits and Assets
  • FraudPlus
  • Social Security Number Verifications
  • IDPlus
  • Equifax – SafeScan® (identity Scan)
  • TransUnion – High Risk Fraud Alert (Hawk Alert™)
  • Experian – Fraud Shield™
  • Red Flags
  • OFAC alerts & credit report authentication
  • Mortgage Participant Report

Flood Zone Determination

Stay in Compliance with Special Flood Hazard Area Notifications

Flood zone determination can and does change over time. Changes occur for many reasons, including new development, levee reclassification and environmental changes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is continually updating its flood hazard maps across the country to account for these changes. These maps, known as Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, show flood risk at a property-by-property level. Mortgage professionals are required to promptly notify property owners when FEMA issues a change in flood zone determination, either into or out of a Special Flood Hazard Area. Federal regulators have recently become more stringent in enforcing this notification rule, with some inspectors suggesting that lenders inform borrowers of these flood zone determination changes within 10 days.

Credit Plus can provide you with timely flood zone determination and other reports based on the most comprehensive and up-to-date FEMA data. This includes:

  • Basic and life-of-loan service
  • Loan portfolio review for compliance
  • Real-time flood mapping
  • High auto-determination rate
  • HMDA services
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Premier selection of flood providers
  • Census tract and HMDA data included with life-of-loan flood certificates.

Lead Marketing Lists for Private Mortgage Lenders

The single most important component of a successful B2B marketing campaign is an accurate, up-to-date list – one that lets you present your message and offer to the right target audience. Credit Plus’ B2B Marketing Lists powered by Equifax® let you do just that.

Our lists are better because they draw from a database of around 50,000 businesses that is compiled from multiple sources and refreshed every two weeks. And, the data is phone verified annually, updated daily and date stamped to ensure its accuracy. We offer numerous selections to help you hone in on just the right target audience including geography, industry classification, business firmographics, business credit information, and more. Let our B2B Marketing data fuel your success!



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Xactus is a leading provider of information services to companies that extend credit to other businesses. Our mission it to provide the intelligent insight that is necessary to make more informed lending and credit decisions. And, we do this with a fierce commitment to delivering unmatched customer service. We support our customers with a dedicated, local team that will help ensure you are utilizing the data we offer effectively to make the best possible decisions. In the end, it’s about reducing risk and helping businesses grow.

We’re the company mortgage professionals trust for intelligent insight, smart information that enables them to mitigate risk and build their business. Our information services line is more than 160 products strong. Our expertise in the mortgage industry enables us to quickly assess current and future needs, and provide new solutions for a rapidly changing environment. We move mortgage professionals forward.


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  • American Credit Union Mortgage Association
  • Mortgage Bankers Association

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Xactus (formerly Credit Plus) pays us to be listed, so there is no fee to connect. Share your loan request, send a simple email, call, or visit their website.

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