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Our software makes it easy to analyze rental properties, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate cash flow and find the best real estate deals. Simply enter some basic information about a property, and our app will calculate a complete analysis of the deal, including closing costs, mortgage payment, cash flow, cap rate, ROI, profit and much more.

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How it Works

  • Import property data from public records.
    Quickly search for properties and import their description, value & rent estimates and photos from public records. Or use our intuitive step-by-step wizard to enter the data manually.
  • Customize precise deal parameters.
    Enter your purchase price, financing, closing costs, rehab budget, rent roll and estimated expenses. Configure dozens of parameters to structure the exact deal you want.
  • View detailed financial analysis and projections.
    Instantly view each property’s cash flow, cap rate, ROI, IRR, profit from sale, acquisition costs and more. Explore long-term cash flow projections for rentals and profit projections for flips.
  • Look up recent sales and rental comps.
    Browse recent sales comps, comparable rental listings and market statistics. Get an after repair value (ARV) and rent estimates based on the living area of the property you’re analyzing.
  • Calculate your highest offer price to seller.
    Use the offer calculator to figure out the highest price you can offer to make the deal work for you. Select from over a dozen criteria based on your unique investment approach.
  • Export and share professional PDF reports.
    Export each property’s analysis, projections, photos and maps in one complete PDF report. Instantly share your property reports with lenders, partners or clients.

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Used by over 75,000 professionals worldwide

Real Estate Investors
Whether you need to evaluate a single SFR or analyze dozens of multi-family buildings, our software will help you make smarter and more educated investment decisions.

Realtors & Agents
DealCheck makes it easy to present properties to potential buyers with one-click marketing reports. Add your contact info and logo to each PDF to really impress your clients.

Thinking about turning your home into a rental? Use DealCheck to help you figure out how much passive income you will generate each month.


A Brief History of DealCheck

DealCheck was founded by Anton Ivanov in 2015, when he noticed that most investors were using inaccurate or outdated spreadsheets and software to analyze potential investment properties.

The existing tools were inflexible, difficult to use and often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And none of them offered a cloud-based analysis platform that can be used on any device.

Ever since then, we’ve focused on building a property analysis platform that is quick and easy to use, but at the same time offers powerful features for more experienced investors. And we’ve always made sure you can seamlessly use DealCheck on any computer, phone or tablet.

Today, DealCheck is used by over one hundred thousand real estate investors, rehabbers, brokers and agents to analyze a wide range of investment properties all around the world.

A Powerful Web App for Real Estate Investors

Simply enter some basic information about a property, and our app will calculate a complete analysis of the deal, including closing costs, mortgage payment, cash flow, cap rate, ROI, profit and much more.

You can create and export detailed PDF reports, instantly compare investment properties against your purchase criteria, and perform reverse valuation analysis to determine your best offer to the seller.

Your data is seamlessly synced to the cloud and available on any phone, tablet or computer. You can start your work on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat.

DealCheck is accurate, fast and easy to use. Join over 75,000 real estate investors and agents who rely on it every day – try it free today!


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Anton Ivanov

Founder & CEO

Anton Ivanov is a US Navy veteran, real estate investor and entrepreneur with a portfolio of 40 rental units spread out across 4 states. His portfolio generates over $12,000 in monthly passive income, and requires less than 1 hour a week to manage. Anton is the founder of DealCheck – the leading real estate analysis platform for quickly analyzing and comparing rental properties, flips and commercial buildings. DealCheck is used by over 100,000 real estate investors, agents and professionals worldwide. Anton is passionate about helping others achieve lasting wealth through real estate investing and is active on many online real estate communities.

Pavel Morozov

Lead Developer

Nicole Owens

Marketing Director

Cindy Bellford

Customer Support

“DealCheck is a must have tool for all serious real estate investors. It’s easy to use and is perfect for quickly analyzing deals. Despite its simplicity, it offers many advanced features that will save you time and money.”

Kelly Masterson

San Francisco, CA

“As somebody who evaluates 10+ flips a week, this is hands down, the best real estate analysis software on the market. I’ve closed on several great deals because of it. And the customer service is amazing, keep up the great work!”

Nick Platt

Cleveland, OH

“As a real estate agent, I use DealCheck daily to present properties to my clients. The PDF reports it generates are very professional and this app definitely gives me a leg up on the competition. I highly recommend it!”

Marcus Walker

Newark, NJ