Loan Buyer for Residential Hard Money Loans

Loan Purchase Program Overview
Direct Access Capital (DAC) is your long-term capital partner in all your fix and flip and bridge loans. We are a specialty finance company focused on helping you grow your business by fostering true partnerships with our clients. We offer a nationwide table funding solutions and closed note purchasing. Our product offerings will allow you to scale your business, free up capital, originate more loans, and generate more revenue.

DAC expedites the purchasing process by developing a personal relationship with each originator and flexible underwriting policies that work with your current guidelines. Our strategic partners include Mortgage Brokers, Local banks, Construction Companies, Private Money Lenders, Hard Money Lenders and other loan originators.

Loan Characteristics

  • Originators get to keep all points, fees and possibly interest strip
  • Approval decisions within 2 business days after complete loan file
  • Loan size of $75,000-$2,000,000+
  • First lien, business purpose loans, non-owner occupied
  • LTARV up to 70%
  • LTC up to 90%
  • 6-24 month term
  • New to experienced borrowers
  • We purchase loans nationwide (except CA, NV, AZ, ND, SD)
  • Approval decision within 2 business days after complete loan file
  • 600 credit score minimum
  • Foreign nationals on a case by case basis

Revolving Line of Credit

In addition to purchasing loans, Direct Access Capital also offers a Prefunding Program to provide financing in the form of a short-term, revolving credit facility to facilitate residential hard money loan originations. Click the button below to learn more.

Credit Line Program

Direct Access Capital, LLC (DAC), founded in 2016, is an investment management firm with a focus on specialty finance strategies, particularly in the residential real estate credit markets. Our goals are capital preservation, returns that consistently outperform those of other fixed income asset classes, and low correlation to public market indices.

High current income yields and short duration exposure allow us the flexibility to capitalize on market inflection points in any cycle, without funding and asset maturity asymmetries of traditional residential real estate credit funds. In addition to our primary strategies, we pursue event-driven credit opportunities resulting from historical anomalies in the residential real estate credit markets to deliver continuously compounding returns.

DAC is currently headquartered in Dallas, TX and relies on constant fundamental analysis and systematic price discovery in our areas of expertise. We drive unique insights through relentless examination of fundamental market assumptions and collaboration of truth focused teamwork.

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Office Locations

1601 Elm Street, 33rd Floor, Dallas, Texas 75201


  • Capital Provider for Lenders

Real Estate Sectors

  • Private Mortgage Lending

Customer Types

  • Private Mortgage Lenders

Juan Pablo Zepeda

Vice President of Customer Relations

Noah Martin

Chief Investment Officer