Document Preparation Software Backed by Expert Support

Loan data is entered or imported into our web application. With our standard RoboDocs support level, documents are ready for immediate download. With RoboDocs premium support, our expert team of document specialists review and validate the loan data, and contact the customer to resolve any questions or issues. Documents are then generated, carefully reviewed, and custom provisions are added before delivery to the customer.

SOLUTIONS – CRE, Multifamily, and Investor Loan Closing Document Solutions


  • CommercialDocs:
    • Loan document packages for virtually any type of commercial real estate or C&I loan
    • All commercial property types, including retail, office, warehouse, mixed-use, hotel/motel, church, school, self-storage, etc.
    • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest-only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
    • C&I loans secured by any combination of collateral – “all assets,” accounts receivable, real estate, etc.
  • ApartmentDocs:
    • Loan document packages specifically tailored for loans secured by multifamily properties (5 or more units)
    • All multifamily property types, including apartments, mobile home parks, and assisted living facilities
    • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest-only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
    • A custom-tailored solution to conform with each lender’s loan programs and requirements
  • InvestorDocs:
    • Loan document packages specifically tailored for business purpose loans secured by 1-4 unit residential properties
    • Document packages are custom-tailored for each transaction, lender requirements, and applicable state law
    • The perfect compromise between simplistic “form” software and expensive attorney-prepared documents
    • Fifty-state compliance provides a uniform document platform for lenders who make loans in multiple states
  • ModDocs:
    • Modification documents for commercial, multifamily, and investor-owned 1-4 unit loans
    • Loan modifications
    • Loan extensions
    • Loan assumptions and modification-assumptions


  • RoboDocs:
    • A fully automated document preparation platform
    • Enter or import data then download documents immediately
    • When there is a need for speed – RoboDocs delivers!
    • Unlimited phone, email, and help center support
    • RoboDocs with standard support offers our lowest low price point
  • RoboDocs with Premium Support:
    • Our premium support level offers the utmost flexibility and the security of knowing that two document specialists are assigned to each order
    • Special instructions, one-off terms, and non-standard provisions are no problem with the premium support level
    • Typical turnaround time is next business day
    • We built our reputation with the premium support level – most of our longtime customers choose premium support for all transactions


  • Allied law firm Highland Law Corporation is dedicated exclusively to providing legal services required by LoanDocSolutions customers in connection with their loan transactions.
  • Legal services are offered exclusively on a fixed-fee basis – no hourly charges and no surprises!
  • The legal service most requested by LoanDocSolutions customers is the borrower entity document review and signature block recommendation, which can be conveniently ordered from the LoanDocSolutions website.
  • In addition to borrower entity document review, Highland Law Corporation offers LoanDocSolutions customers assistance with other required legal services, including title review and closing instructions, custom drafting, deal structuring advice, and responding to borrower’s counsel comments.


    LoanDocSolutions provides a competitive advantage to any lender, regardless of size.
    Turnkey web-based document preparation system. Intuitive user interface.
    Virtually no training required. Need help? LoanDocSolutions is here for you.
    Easy and fast. Fifty state legal compliance.


  • Password-protected customer portal
  • Highest-level SSL encryption
  • Servers reside in SOC certified data center
  • Documents delivered via secure customer portal
  • Separate logins are available for:
    • Loan closing personnel
    • Closing department supervisors
    • Attorneys
    • Any other authorized third party


  • Spares LDS customers the tedious task of redundant data entry
  • We offer fully-automated integration with loan origination software
  • Our system will accept data from any standard format: excel, csv, xml, etc.
  • Simply import your existing data to pre-populate common fields


  • Adobe Acrobat
    • Secure — cannot be easily edited
    • Widely-supported — for easy distribution
    • Supports digital signatures
    • Minor corrections OK with password
    • Best format for electronic distribution and remote printing
  • Microsoft Word
    • Word file format option allows for editing of documents
    • Password protected — allows customer to make changes when necessary
    • Widely-supported — for easy distribution
    • Best format when documents may need to be edited

LoanDocSolutions was founded in 1997 by Gary Highland, a noted real estate finance attorney and document automation expert. Before founding LoanDocSolutions, Gary Highland was a partner at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, a renowned law firm founded in 1873, with offices throughout the world. Mr. Highland was the senior partner in the real estate finance group of Bryan Cave’s Southern California offices. Over the years he has represented many of the largest and most prestigious lending institutions in the United States.

Mr. Highland developed a reputation for using automation in his law practice. Much of the software used by LoanDocSolutions today was first developed by Mr. Highland.

LoanDocSolutions has evolved from a service company backed by software to a “software as a service” platform backed by expert support.

Widely recognized for the quality of its documents and excellent customer service, LoanDocSolutions software prepares loan closing documents for lenders ranging from major national institutions to regional and local banks, credit unions, and private lenders.

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We have used LoanDocSolutions to prepare loan documents for our commercial real estate loans nationwide. They have consistently provided excellent service for a reasonable fee and I would recommend their service to other lending institutions without hesitation.

Everything is going great, service has been above standard. Our customer service to our brokers has increased significantly due to the ability to drive docs out in a moment’s notice and the ability to manage the process internally. I love it!!

LoanDocSolutions provides automated documents with a personal touch at a reasonable price. Our loan volume has steadily increased over the last year and LoanDocSolutions has provided fast reliable service to meet that demand. I would recommend it to anyone needing to streamline their loan documentation process.

We have been utilizing LoanDocSolutions for almost one year now and we are very satisfied. The continuity and uniformity of documents for our nationwide lending program have been superb. The staff at LoanDocSolutions is always very helpful in any situation, making our job easier. Anyone looking for a streamlined documentation process, should consider LoanDocSolutions.

Your company has been very helpful, courteous and timely with everything. In this day it seems good service is a rare exception — not the rule anymore — so when it is received it is much appreciated. Thank you! Your staff helped me through the whole process and made it easy and quick for me. Excellent job by your company.