Servicer Surveillance

Includes approval of all asset management related items, such as short sales, modifications, repayment plans, deed in lieus, F/C bidding instructions, REO management, settlements, Tax Approvals, Forced Place Insurance Business Rules, etc.

Attorney Management / Oversight

Includes running reports on all foreclosure, bankruptcy & eviction attorneys, condensing attorney pool (transferring assets as needed), ensuring all timelines are met, contested / litigation review, review of the percentage of cases as requested by Client (review of full chronologies of FC), direct communication with attorneys on any items that require further investigation.

Due Diligence / Present Ownership Analysis

Search Title Review which includes review of the Deed / Ownership / Recorded Mortgage / Deed of Trust / Assignment Chain/ Prior Mortgages, Liens & Judgments / Delinquent Taxes. If Priors are present, the procuring of Title Policy would be necessary.

Collateral Review / Management

Includes a review of Collateral files to ensure all related documents are present and preparing a report of any missing collateral documents. It also includes a due diligence review of collateral for possible purchase of assets (new pools).

Expert Witness

Includes case review, document/pay history/comments review, travel time, client / or hearing/trial attendance, etc., as requested and approved by Client. (Usually Litigated matters, or highly contested cases for BK or FC)

Title Policy Procurement

Includes procurement, plus costs associated with procuring the policy, request replacement policy provided a Title Commitment is valid and paid for on HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

On-Site Attorney Visits

This can be for CFPB compliance, or just as a general practice.  It can be as detailed or condensed, as created/determined by the Client.  Typically runs about 5-6 hours for the first visit, and 2-3 hours for supplemental visits, done annually, or as often as Client requests. Usually determined by volume, or by critical state (FL/NY/OH/CA/TX/IL/MI), or Original Doc states, as that is usually where there are issues with the protection of those documents.  Security and IT are critical items, as well.

Internal Charge Off Recoveries

This service would be on any assets that have been internally charged off – not released – these assets must still be collectible just not longer incurring carrying costs internally. Servicer must provide all payoff & balance information, as well as most recent contact information.

Prepare Documents

Assignments, Endorsements / Allonges, Deeds, Lost Note Affidavits, Quit Claim Deeds, Releases, etc., as needed by Client, for various reasons, or as part of Collateral review, attorney oversight, Servicer Surveillance.  Many times there are documents that are required in a foreclosure, bankruptcy or REO which need to be prepared & executed.

Recordation of Documents & Tracking

Includes sending out prepared documents to be recorded, and the tracking and forwarding of those documents to the respective custodians. There will be a processing fee as well as reimbursement of actual recording /eRecording fees.

General Information About Our Services

We also have a Monthly fee for General Oversight of Collateral Documents / Custodian Liaison which basically is a function of managing all Collateral documents & to ensure that missing Notes, endorsements, assignments, mortgages, bailee letters, collateral files, etc. are located & returned from the attornies after foreclosure actions are completed.  Also, obtain and review the custodian exception reports on a monthly basis & provide a report to the client. Includes research, interaction with servicers, attorneys, vendors, etc. This fee would also include a review of all assignments & endorsements to ensure they were prepared in the proper format & entity name.

In addition, we have a Monthly fee for Servicer Surveillance, which would cover all oversight of the sub servicer, including approval of short sales, modifications, repayment plans, foreclosure bidding instructions, REO list prices, accepting REO offers, settlements, etc.

Any required travel expenses would of course be reimbursed on all of the above as necessary, and as previously requested/approved by the Client, including the above hourly rates for travel time, but will be in addition to the established and agreed upon monthly fee.

Typically, the monthly fees would be similar to a Retainer and would be pre-determined based on the number of hours anticipated to be allocated to such oversight, usually a fixed $$ amount per month, with an average of 40-80 hours a month, or more, at the Client’s discretion, based on the agreed hourly rate.

One of the more attractive benefits of using our firm is that you don’t have to worry about an employee being on vacation or out sick, paying benefits, or a bonus.  We are always available, and will always fulfill your needs, and travel when needed. That’s usually one of the more challenging situations to deal with, as employees tend to not always be “available” or “able” to have that flexibility.

Marlene Hahn

Marlene A. Hahn launched Hahn Management Services, LLC in July 2010 to provide services to Mortgage Servicers, Investors, Hedge Funds, Private Equities & Banks throughout the nation. Over the years building relationships, friendships, clients, and a network of attorneys & business peers along the way. Having over 30 years of experience in mortgage servicing, risk management, vendor controls, and project management at Executive-level roles, Marlene A. Hahn ( AKA Marls), has the know-how to complete any job for which you hire her.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Marlene while she was managing an NPL portfolio for Apollo Global. Since then I have worked with her many times as she has managed numerous portfolios for different funds. Her knowledge and expertise in portfolio management, and in servicer and attorney oversight are unsurpassed. Her management skills, industry knowledge, professional acumen, and her passion make her an asset for any organization. I look forward to working with Marls on future projects, and I am proud to call her a friend.

George Caballero, Esq.

Caballero Lender Services

I have had the good fortune of working with Marlene Hahn over the course of the past fifteen years, providing national title and ancillary support services when project-relevant. Marlene is an extremely savvy portfolio manager with best in class knowledge of how to acquire and service NPL’s in all relevant areas. Her experience and expertise is unparalleled in the industry in the areas of due diligence, surveillance, portfolio servicing and management, with her ultimate focus on obtaining the highest and most satisfactory of results for her clients. The outcomes are driven not only by Marlene’s professional expertise, experience and knowledge but also by her personal drive to successfully achieve excellence in all that she does. I am proud to be both a service provider and honored to be a longtime cherished friend to this powerhouse industry professional.

Susan Pettem, Senior Vice President

Novare National Settlement Service

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marlene in various capacities for over twenty years and the bottom line is she always gets the job done! Diligent and detail oriented you will do no better than Marlene.

David Neugebauer, Director

Credit Suisse

I have personally worked with Marlene on some of the large trades in the course of a few years. Marlene pays attention to each little detail or defect to get it resolved before the deal closes. She finds creative solutions in some of the most complex situations to benefit her client. Her expertise has a wide range from tax/title reviews to loan compliance and foreclosure reviews, across multiple asset classes: single family, reverse mortgages, commercial loans, second liens. Marlene is a real asset for any fund that will use her services.

Alex Goldovsky


I have known Marlene for many years both as a Client and a colleague. Not only is she an amazing person who I co sister a friend but she has always been very professional in all of my business dealings with her. Marlene is knowledgeable, thorough and is able to review and analyze the most difficult issues that are presented to her. Her many years in the Mortgage Industry has enabled her to be a subject matter expert. She is very well respected in our industry and she is a true asset to our industry.

Bradley A. Reisenfeld, Esq., Managing Partner

Reisenfeld and Associates

I have known Marlene Hahn and Hahn Management for years. They are very experienced, detail oriented and able to do both due diligence on prospective loan portfolios and manage them. This includes clearing issues, locating documentation and assembling necessary attorneys and vendors to meet a client’s needs. It is a difficult field to navigate loan review and management nationwide and there is no substitute to experience.

J. Anthony Van Ness

Van Ness Law Firm

Marlene’s experience in the NPL space is unmatched within the default industry. Her over twenty years’ experience in default servicing has provided her with knowledge that every investor should covet. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marlene and I’m so impressed not just with her knowledge of default servicing, but her ability to stay relevant no matter the market. This is testament to the stellar reputation that she has built over the last twenty years. I highly recommend Marlene. She is an asset that can’t be duplicated.

Owen Sokolof, Esquire

Sokolof Remtulla, LLC

After being introduced to Marlene, our team instantly hit it off with her. Her ability to connect with different walks of life sets her apart. Given the size of the transactions we regularly take down, she was able to maintain the speed and effectiveness we conduct and often beat us to the punch. Her expertise and knowledge in secondary markets, title defects, curative work, creation and management of side letters, conducting diligence on institutional trades, etc. is second to none. The ability to utilize her firm and their talents to increase your efficiency and speed to close are the main reasons you should utilize Marlene and company to assist in your growth.

Chaz Guinn & Jason Kurtz

Revolve Capital Group

I have worked with Marlene for many years and found her to be consistently pleasant tackling many assignments with commitment and dedication and always with a smile. Her skills are exemplary and appreciated by everyone who works with her. Besides being a joy to work with, Marlene is a take charge person who is able to present creative ideas and substantiate all of her work product. Marlene proved to be an asset to the firm and extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. She was instrumental in her training of many employees whereby inspiring and motivating others to succeed. Marlene can be trusted to deliver a completed project on schedule and within budget. I would highly recommend Marlene to any organization.

Joanne DiNardi

GRP Financial

Marlene is extremely knowledgeable and runs our due diligence process on all of our acquisitions. No matter if it’s one loan or a larger pool, she is responsive and executes in the timeline required. She also continues to work post closing issues to resolutions. I don’t buy an asset without her approval!

Louis Amaya

PEMCO Capital Management

I have known Marlene for over 15 years and she is one of the most efficient people I’ve met in the Default Industry. Her attention to Detail, Honesty and Ethics is a Standard that we should all praise. If anyone needs a well connected Top Person, I would highly recommend Marlene, you won’t be disappointed…

Philip Boroda

Coldwell Banker

Marlene is the consummate mortgage professional. I’ve known Marlene over the past 25 years and developed a great working relationship with her on numerous projects. She has forged an excellent reputation throughout the mortgage industry as a sharp, “no-nonsense” professional, who gets the job done. Marlene has vast experience in all aspects of the industry. From portfolio analysis and due diligence to servicing issues like compliance and portfolio/attorney management, she is top notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marlene to anyone in the industry looking to improve their ROI.

Glen Rubin, Managing Partner

Rubin Lublin, LLC

Marlene is a great person to work with. She is extremely responsive and does what she says she will do in a timely fashion. She and her team are extremely diligent in their review of collateral. Their ability to track and record collateral is organized and efficient. I really enjoy working with Marlene and her team.

Harris S. Howard, MBA, Esq.

Howard Law Group