Finally, a robust CRM & LOS system designed for private & hard money lenders that want to streamline their front & back office operations

Deal Intake–> Pre-Approval–> Processing–> Underwriting–> Funding

Define your own processing work flow & checklist, auto-generate loan docs with E-signature, online submission & tracking portals and so much more

Enterprise level CRM features that will make your borrowers & employees happy & your competitors jealous!

Robust CRM and LOS Features

LendingWise CRM & Loan Origination System comes with powerful features for hard & private money lenders…

  • Web Based CRM & LOS
    LendingWise is 100% web based, so your borrowers, brokers, investors, and entire team can access the system from anywhere, anytime. Finally, an All-In-One CRM & LOS software for hard money lenders and private money lenders.
  • Lead Management
    Our hard money loan origination software manages your inbound leads for borrowers and brokers. Leads can be assigned to a sales rep or to a lead pool. Sales reps have all the tools they need like lead scoring, E-mail & SMS Text marketing, easy deal review with one click pre-qual, and many more features.
  • Multi-Tiered Users & Roles
    LendingWise allows for multiple levels of users for maximum scalability. Users can view, edit and administer their own respective files, as well as other assigned files, depending on their role. Create user roles with various permissions for processor, underwriter, manager, closer, investor, servicer, attorney, and more.
  • Automated Document Generation with E-sign
    We have many built in E-signature ready docs required for hard money mortgage lending like Pre-approvals, contracts, 1003, HUD statements, disclosures, waivers, etc… With one click, you can have packages auto-filled with client info, property details, lending terms, and more. If we don’t have a document, we’ll add it! And if you need something custom designed for your company or your affiliates, we can handle that too!
  • Marketing Automation
    Create E-mail templates that go out automatically, based on a schedule or work flow rule. Built in triggers will alert you via E-mail or phone call when an e-mail is opened or link clicked. Now that’s insight you can act on and increase conversions.
  • Online Submission Portal
    Our private money loan origination system allows borrowers and affiliates to submit their full scenarios with file uploading capabilities 24/7 through your own private labeled web form hosted on your website. We have several versions of a secure, online submission portal for quick lead capture or complete file submission to make it easy for reviewing eligibility and pricing deals with the click of a button! You can even provide your broker’s with their own web forms for their own websites, to help them capture more deals for your company.
  • Centralized, Secured Doc Storage with Built-in E-fax.
    We make it easy for all parties to upload & download essential documents and files pertaining to a borrower file. We also allow you to build and bind multiple files into 1 PDF with watermarking capabilities. Choose to E-mail or E-fax these documents out to any party.
  • Pipeline Management
    We give you 360 degree view of all your leads, loans in process, funded deals, and loans being serviced. The pipeline is customizable to reflect your own preferred view, which can be sorted and segmented into exportable detailed Excel reports.
  • Detailed Data Reporting
    Knowing every detail on every loan is critical for your business. You can generate summary reports/audits per loan that outlines every action & date stamps for actions like sent emails/docs/disclosures, notes, tasks, faxs, etc… Other reports cover various loan statistics, employee productivity, and broker productivity.
  • Track Billing & Receivables
    Within each loan file there is section to input fees or commissions owed by the borrower or broker. You control what fees are listed in the system and set them up for future dates owed and/or in phases. Built in reminders can be set to notify the borrower, broker, or any back office employee of amounts due. Reminders are sent via Email and Text message if Cell number is entered.
  • Resource Directory
    There are many 3rd party tools and services essential to the hard money lending industry. We give you access to the best ones to help you do things like: property valuation, credit pulling, asset & income verification, background check, skip trace, title search, and more.
  • Assign Tasks & Reminders
    Creating, tracking, and assigning tasks or reminders in our hard money lending loan origination software (LOS) is critical to manage your business. Our software lets you create tasks for yourself or any users associated to a loan file, including the borrower, broker, branch manager, or any back office employee. Reminders are sent via Email and/or text message to the assigned user. Each user has their own calendar to see what tasks are assigned to them, while a manager can see ALL tasks globally. The centralized calendar can be used to quickly see many date sensitive items like, pending tasks, billings owed, commissions owed, and most importantly funding dates.

Frequently asked questions

How can I test or try
First, fill out the form above and we will automatically log you into LendingWise, where you can openly test the demo system. You must contact us to get a license agreement and proposal signed to have your own private account setup with a risk free 30 day trial.

How secure is software?
Our mortgage origination software protects your business data across various levels. You control who has access to what, while we safeguard your data from hackers via encryption & firewalls. If servers ever crash, we will always have redundant servers keeping you live and data backed up.

How long does it take to setup?
Since we charge a setup fee, you will find the software is 100% turnkey and has many default settings already created for hard money lending. We provide live support & training sessions for your staff to learn how to drive and customize the software. By the way, there is no software to install or download!

Does the CRM & LOS software integrate with other 3rd party service providers?
Yes, our API can be used to integrate with other 3rd parties for services like Appraisal, BPO, credit, inspections, background check on individuals or entity and many more.

LendingWise is a Cloud Based, All-In-One CRM, LOS & Servicing platform for private lenders & brokers of all sizes. It comes with webforms to intake loan applications, upload docs, automate email campaigns, and more. The back office comes with many customizable features for loan programs, required docs, workflows, milestones/stages, reports, and more. Visit us at for risk free 30 day trial.

Our Mission

To become the industry leading, web based software vendor in loan management platforms encompassing an All-in-one CRM, Loan Origination System (LOS), Loan Servicing, draw management, & API vendor hub.

Our Vision

To streamline & digitize the lending process for lenders & brokers of all sizes, while creating a seamless borrower experience.

How it Started

LendingWise (Originally “TheLoanPost”) was built in 2006 during the mortgage boom days, originally as a pricing/pre-qual engine and niche wholesale lender marketplace used by thousands of mortgage brokers, loan originators, and wholesale lenders nationwide. After the mortgage market collapse of 2008, we switched gears into loss mitigation CRM. Now with a booming housing recovery, we see a huge opportunity to focus and help hard money/private money lenders by becoming their loan origination system of choice. After working in-house with a large nationwide lender with borrowers & originators spread across the country, we were able to build out LendingWise with a flexible, multi-branch architecture with all the critical features needed to manage 1000’s of files and broker & branch relationships. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with our clients to continually develop the most up to date, feature rich loan software platform for today’s complex mortgage & alternative non-bank lending industry.

Why We Do What We Do

The lending industry has changed very little in the last 100 years, with the digital & internet revolution upon us, we know there is huge opportunity to make the lending process better for both borrowers & lenders. We recognize how important lending is to the overall economy and we want to empower financial enterprises to feed the lifeblood of our economy one loan at a time.

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Chris Fuelling


Since 2006, Chris FUelling has been in the in the field of SaaS Fintech & Mortgage Cloud based applications. He has developed a robust multi-tenant CRM & LOS platforms for the mortgage industry under the brand, The Loan Post & LendingWise. By focusing on specific niche markets, like loss mitigation, specialty servicing for foreclosure/non performing more management, handling millions of loans from 2008-2016. In Q1-2017, Chris initiated a spin off of The Loan Post into, a Cloud based, CRM and LOS platform for commercial/private lenders, banks and credit unions. As of 8/2020, LendingWise has 2000+ users that are private lenders & brokers.

License Information

Alpha Funding Partners

After trying several commercial lending & hard money lending systems, we have finally found the perfect CRM & LOS software platform to scale our growing business. They have numerous robust features, it's very customizable, and they are always willing to work with our unique requirements. It's been amazing!

Fred Asini

New York

Global Integrity Finance

They helped streamline & automate the process, while saving us enough in-man hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we have a hard money CRM & LOS software platform that attracts new clients & fosters repeat business as well.

Toby Potter, CEO

McKinney, TX

Insula Capital

LendingWise has been an invaluable CRM & LOS software platform to help us manage our borrowers, broker network and ever growing private money deal flow. They make our intake, processing, underwriting & loan closing process extremely efficient, which helps us continually grow and scale our hard money lending business!

Ed Stock, Managing Partner

New York

Deployed Capital Group

They helped streamline & automate our entire process, while saving us enough in-man hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we have a private money CRM & LOS software platform that attracts new clients & fosters repeat business as well. Our entire network continues to grow exponentially!

Edwin Epperson III