Loan Documents Software for Private Mortgage Lenders

Backed by Geraci LLP, the nation’s largest non-conventional lending law firm, Lightning Docs are attorney-prepared loan documents that you receive instantly. Each set of cloud-based documents is constantly updated and approved by local attorneys.

Reliable. High-Quality. Efficient. Flexible.

We’ve developed a personalized and streamlined online interface that empowers clients to harness best-in-class technology to prepare attorney-grade loan documents. In a marketplace riddled with smaller loan transactions that cannot accommodate full-service legal fees, Lightning Docs is your go-to instant loan document software.

  • Loans Secured by All Property Types: SFR, Multifamily, and Commercial Real Estate Loan Documents
  • All Loan Products: Ground Up Construction, Cosmetic Rehab, Fix and Flip, Rental, Bridge, Perm and Mini Perm Loans, and many other product types
  • Any Loan Amortization: ARM, Interest-Only, Partial Amortization, and all other types of Amortization

Why Private Lenders Choose Lightning Docs?

  • Easily Customizable for Client Needs
  • Easy to Access and Copy Old Files
  • Prepares SFR, Multi-Family, and Commercial Real Estate Loan Docs
  • Creates Construction, Rental, Bridge, Fix and Flip, Perm and Mini Perm Loans, and Many Other Product Types
  • ARM, Interest-Only, Partial Amortization, and All Other Types of Amortization
  • Artificial Intelligence Meets Custom Loan Documents
  • Prices Starting as Low as $200 Per Loan
  • No Re-Draw Fees
  • No Upfront Costs and No Contract Period
  • Log on from Your Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Device
  • Documents Available in All 50 States

Tedious. Time Consuming. Costly. Those are just a few of the words that come to mind when you contemplate the loan documentation process. That’s why, since 2015, we have been hard at work perfecting a best-in-class, client-centered, online loan document solution to generate error-free loan documents at a fraction of the cost and time. With no upfront costs or contract period, accessibility across all 50 states, and prices starting as low as $200 per loan, this innovative program backed by Geraci LLP, the nation’s largest non-conventional lending law firm, is the ideal solution to all of your loan document needs.

We’ve developed a personalized, and streamlined online interface that empowers clients in an increasingly fractured marketplace riddled with smaller loan transactions where clients simply can’t accommodate outside legal counsel. Those concerns are a thing of the past thanks to our dynamic interview process accessible through a convenient cloud-based portal that enables you to tailor your loan documentation process via mobile or computer—perfect to accommodate for last-minute changes without the need for costly redraw charges or new software.

We’re essentially handing over the controls to the same exact tools our attorneys use in-house. The interface easily handles everything from small fix-and-flip loans to large commercial files, and everything in between using customized coding that simplifies the traditional complexities of loan transactions.

Here’s just a sample of the types of documents you can now produce with relative ease:

  • SFR, Multifamily, and Commercial Real Estate Loan Documents
  • Construction, Rental, Bridge, Fix and Flip, Perm and Mini Perm Loans, and many other product types
  • ARM, Interest-Only, Partial Amortization, and all other types of Amortization

All it takes is a five- to ten-minute interview process and you’ll be ready to download your attorney-prepared loan documents straight to your computer and send them directly to escrow. What’s more, you can go back and edit your files as needed. Have a question on a specific aspect of your loan? We’ve got you covered. You can utilize the same documents to consult with our attorneys as needed. Personalize the amount of external involvement you need. Our goal is to grant you the autonomy to complete your loan documents more efficiently from both a cost and time perspective.

Lightning Docs is operated by Geraci Law Firm’s Banking and Finance team, which has nine highly skilled attorneys who focus on the preparation of transactional documents for mortgage professionals, along with providing loan compliance and loss mitigation advice.

There are three distinct disciplines within our Banking and Finance practice:

  • Document Preparation
  • Lending Compliance
  • Foreclosure & Loss Mitigation

Geraci LLP is the nation’s largest law firm which solely focuses on non-conventional lending. Our law firm is comprised of experienced legal professionals who offer you a wealth of experience across a broad range of services. We are dedicated to constant communication, commitment, and caring and we believe this is what sets us apart. We work as a team across all disciplines to help our clients achieve their goals.

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This product has changed our business. What used to take up to 3 days at month’s end can now be done in 30 minutes, all with the same confidences that come with having attorneys drawing loan docs.

Dave Orloff, CFO

American Heritage Lending

We have used Geraci for loan document preparation for the past decade. With their recent implementation of Lightning Docs, we can now produce the same quality loan documents in a matter of minutes via an extremely user-friendly portal. We couldn’t be happier with the service and Geraci is clearly the industry leader.

Carl Maggio, CEO

Maggio Capital

I recommend this product highly and the customer service team that comes with it. As a mortgage lender we were looking for a solution that could provide us with out-of-state business purpose loan documents. We found this solution and appreciated that the documents were written by a well-established law firm. This was important to us because we did not want to be concerned with improper documents – especially for our out-of-state transactions. The staff was readily available to answer questions about how to use the platform as we were learning the process. We were surprised by how easy it was to use once we understood the program. The rate per set of documents is appropriate and at market value. We will continue to use this service and recommend others use it as well. They are a great find!

Karen Gledich, Loan Officer

Residential First Mortgage

I’m a huge fan of the online system Geraci created. I love how the system can be accessed anywhere on any device. Being able to make on-demand changes and getting documents instantly has made my business run much more smoothly. Geraci documents are the industry standard in private lending and it is great that they have built this solution for lenders.

Liam Leonard, CEO

DML Capital

Geraci’s loan document portal has given us the ability to streamline our loan origination process. Generating documents is now one less item that we need to worry about, and we have become more efficient thanks to Geraci and the services they provide.

Matt Podesto, Owner

Black Label Capital