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Always here. Always on. Close faster and better with the experts at LaRocca Hornik Rosen & Greenberg LLP. Complete legal services for the private commercial real estate lending industry.

Our full-service law firm is specialized and focused to service the needs of all clients in the private commercial lending industry. Led by accomplished and accredited attorneys, our complete services from closings to licensing and regulatory review are unparalleled in the industry.

Workouts and Foreclosures

A busted deal can be an asset or liability. The experts at LHR&G will make sure your Non-Performing Loan gets worked out in the black. With a nationwide network of seasoned foreclosure and bankruptcy professionals at our disposal, we can handle all your loss mitigation/workout needs quickly and efficiently.

24-hour Closing Services 

With Attorneys strategically located on the other side of the globe, LHR&G provides 24-hour closing capabilities so lenders can always meet their client’s deadlines.

Closing Services in 50 States

From New Hampshire to Honolulu, we’ve closed loans. We provide the most competent legal services available to ensure your loans are closed quickly and accurately. And with over $1 billion in closed deals, our abilities and resources are beyond exceptional and unmatched in the private lending space.

New Product Development and Preparation of Market Loan Documents

LHR&G is at the forefront of developing new loan products for the private lending space working with our client partners. LHR&G is on top of all state-specific requirements. Our loan documents contain “market” provisions so our clients know their closing documents are the right mix of protections and user-friendliness.

Nationwide Title Review

Correct and accurate title insurance is the key to any closing. At LHR&G, we take title seriously, negotiating to remove standard exceptions and to add state specific endorsements. This will insure the lender’s first lien position on the subject property being pledged as collateral. LHR&G is an expert in the review and regulation of title.

Master Loan Purchase Agreements

Experience counts. Rely on Larocca Hornik to draft and negotiate Master Loan Purchase and Participation Agreements for Note purchasers and sellers; create Note Purchase programs with necessary supporting documentation including Allonges, Assignments, and Certifications.

Private Placements, Co-Lender and Participation Agreements

If you’re seeking to raise money through private placements, no one does more 506 Reg D offerings in the private lending space than LHR&G. We have counseled some of the largest originators in the space on private placement offerings. In addition, LHR&G attorneys have vast experience in drafting and negotiating market co-lender and participation agreements. When investors are involved, you need LHR&G.

Licensing and Regulatory Review in 50 States

Each and every state has a different set of laws, rules, and regulations. That’s why you need the experts of LHR&G to advise when doing a deal in a new state. LHR&G attorneys know how to navigate the pitfalls of dealing with different state laws, rules, and regulations. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of each state to ensure every loan closes quickly, always in compliance with local laws.

Foreclosure and Workout Advice on Non-performing Loans

LaRocca Hornik has vast experience in providing counsel and advice to lenders and borrowers in the complexities of problemed and non-performing loans. We have coined the phrase “trouble is opportunity” when handled properly. A busted deal can be profitable, thanks to the experienced professionals of LHR&G.

Topical Legal Research and Analysis

LHR&G attorneys are on top of industry issues as they arise. If you have a problem or question, odds are LHR&G has already vetted it. Give them a call for a consultation.

Deal Structuring

Have a question on how to structure a loan? Or does your deal have some hair on it? Call the experts of LHR&G today to get your deal structured correctly from inception.

About LaRocca Hornik Rosen & Greenberg LLP (LHR&G)

Our full-service law firm is specialized and focused to service the needs of all clients in the private commercial lending industry. Led by accomplished and accredited attorneys, our complete services from closings to licensing and regulatory review are unparalleled in the industry.

We start with the end in mind, meaning that we first identify the goals and outcomes you want to achieve. Next, we develop a strategic plan to get you there. Efficiency (and thus keeping your legal fees down) is of paramount concern to us, and we accomplish this by becoming vastly knowledgeable in all relevant aspects of your company and its business. For example, we study and become well-versed in your legal and financial structures, as well as your short and long-term strategic plans, capital-raising methods, governance protocols, operations, labor force, and existing contracts. We also become fully familiar with the industry and competitive arena in which your business operates. Perhaps most importantly, we develop trusting and collegial relationships with the individual decision-makers in your company because we understand that it is their vision, ideas, and leadership-style that define the ambition of your business. By taking this all-encompassing approach, we are able to provide you with the appropriate legal and business strategy in any given situation, and achieve the specific results that you want and the wins that you expect.

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