Insurance Services for Investment Real Estate Nationwide

We use multiple insurance carriers and offer a wide range of insurance solutions, but, more importantly, we listen to your concerns and tailor your program to ensure the insurance coverage you need, front and back. For over 25 years, Ross has provided quality insurance services and products to over 300 financial institutions and private investors, including. We specialize in property insurance including:

  • Rental Property Insurance
  • REO Insurance
  • Force-Placed / Lender-Placed Insurance
  • Lender-placed fire insurance
  • Lender-placed flood insurance
  • Specialized fire, theft, vandalism and liability coverage
  • Custom deductibles
  • Flood certification
  • Tax services/monitoring
  • Customized reporting options
  • Claims monitoring
  • Vacant or occupied insurance

Any insurance company can quote rates. Some even have some pages in their playbooks that can move the chains a bit. At Ross Diversified, we not only work with you to develop the strategies to protect your star properties, we also get down in the trenches to help you score on every one of your possessions. We’re personally vested in your success and we’ll stay with you all the way down the field. No trick plays.

Don’t like football metaphors? How about this? We help you select insurance coverage that will meet your particular needs and teach you how to insure to properly protect your assets. In other words, we give you the tools and teach you how to use them. We use trusted, A-rated carriers who have a history of demonstrated performance. Whether you are a real estate investor, asset manager or investment banker with three loans or hundreds of properties, Ross Diversified is actively involved in the entire process—from selection of the product to follow through on any claims; right with you every step of the way to protect your portfolio and give you peace of mind.

Whether it’s one property or thousands of properties, Ross’ 30 years of experience focuses on comprehensive coverage, competitive rates, easy administration and claims assistance.

Insurance for Residential Rental Properties (1-4 Units)

Ross Diversified Insurance Services, in our 30th year, offers coverage for Single Family Rentals through multiple markets. Our independence means we are not tied to the confines of any one particular program. Our knowledge and experience of your business means your priorities are our priorities. Competitive Rates, Comprehensive Coverage, Easy Administration and Hands On Claims Assistance are why we have withstood the test of time. When you communicate with Ross, you will be communicating with a team that understands your business. Ross Diversified Offers:

  • Multiple Markets
  • Individual policy programs
  • Group blanket programs when an individual policy program is not available or does not meet your needs
  • Customization of insurance that includes:
    • National Replacement Cost Coverage or Actual Cash Value
    • Competitive rates shopped with multiple markets
    • Liability Coverage
    • Loss of Rents when needed
    • Common sense insurance coverage amount
    • Insurance that meets lender requirements
    • Counsel our customers when requested so that you can make informed decisions

Insurance for Investment Property Rehab / Flip Projects

  • Replacement Cost Coverage up to the amount of completed improvement
  • Flexible Coverage Amount
  • National Program
  • Builders Risk Endorsement
  • Six Month Policy Term
  • Liability Coverage
  • Satisfies Lender Property Coverage Requirements

Insurance for Non-Performing Loans

Non-Performing Loans are a class of real estate that requires a unique understanding of the market and investor motivations. Investors purchase and view this asset class very differently from most other real estate investments. Simply put insurance is an expense against returns. Ross Diversified offers a variety of insurance options so that investors may choose coverage based on their own methodology and pricing concerns. Ross Diversified Offers:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Flexible Coverage Amount
  • Optional Coverage so investors may pick and choose what best suits their needs
  • Various Deductibles that impact pricing
  • Liability Coverage Option
  • CFPB compliance option if insurance advancements are to be added back to the loan

Insurance for REO Real Estate Owned Properties

Ross has been insuring REO properties in each real estate down cycle since the 1980’s. Many different insurance markets have policy language that greatly impacts the proceeds of any claim. The devil is in the detail and the policy language of your REO policy will determine whether you are paying too much premium for a claim check that will result in disappointment. Ross Diversified Offers:

  • Policy review
  • Multiple Insurance Coverage Options
  • Multiple Deductible Option
  • Nationwide Property Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Flood Insurance when applicable
  • Claims Assistance to assure that claims are administered fairly per the terms of the policy

Coverage for Uninsured Notes and Mortgages

Ross Diversified as a real estate investor knows that your investment in notes must be protected. When a borrower lets their insurance lapse or expire without renewing, the investment in that note is at risk. Investors also want their advancement for insurance added to the loan balance. Ross’ unique understanding paves the way for insurance customized for an investor with one note or a portfolio of notes. Ross Diversified Offers:

  • Nationwide Program
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Multiple Deductible Options
  • CFPB compliant letters that can be used to aid the investor in having the insurance advancement added to the loan balance
  • Single Interest so that only the Investor appears on any claim check
  • Refundable program so if the borrower produces an insurance policy, the investor advancement for insurance may be refunded back to the investor

Insurance for Land Contracts

Ross Diversified is very knowledgeable regarding the challenges Land Contracts present to the owner of the contract. Many states view Land Contracts similar to a lease option. The Land Contract will usually stipulate terms that include who the responsible party is that should maintain insurance coverage on the property and that responsibility usually falls to the occupant of the property. However property coverage and liability coverage are two coverages designed to protect against two very different risks. Ross Diversified Offers:

  • National Coverage
  • Limited Liability Protection for the owner of the Land Contract in the event someone gets hurt on the property
  • Low Value Property Coverage protection for the owner of the Land
  • Contract in the event the occupant’s coverage is inadequate
  • High Value Property Coverage protection for the owner of the Land
  • Contract in the event the occupant’s insurance is cancelled or not renewed


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With experience in insurance and finance industries since 1980, Ed Babtkis founded Ross Diversified in 1986. The Ross team expanded over the years, adding qualified professionals that have brought expertise and personal commitment to the table for our clients.

Today, Ross Diversified is licensed in all 50 states and works with over 1,000 lenders, servicers and investors insuring thousands of properties located throughout the United States. No property is too small; no portfolio is too large.

We’re property owners ourselves, so we fully recognize and appreciate the need for customized solutions to insurance dilemmas. We don’t believe in “off-the-shelf” approaches and we work closely with our clients to explain to them the nuances of coverage. We’re uniquely qualified to provide everything from lender-forced insurance to asset management coverage.


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Ross Diversified Insurance Services pays us to be listed, so there is no fee to connect with them directly.

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