Digital Marketing Consultant for Private Hard Money and Non-QM Lenders

With over 12 years of experience, Ryan provides lead generation for non-QM, hard money, and private lenders of all types. There are no contracts, no ad spend fees and no setup fees. Today, he’s actively managing $100k+ a month in ad spend.

In a record breaking month Ryan generated $375,000+ in revenue & 30m in lending on 14.7k in ad spend for an 2451% return with an average loan value of $737,658.76. For ONE client.

If you are buying leads from Bigger Pockets, or CIX – you can remove them from the equation and work direct to consumer. Alternatively, if you are running paid customer acquisition campaigns internally at your lending institution and struggling, he can help.

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Bing
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo

Ryan has a lot of experience working in the private mortgage space and has successfully executed paid advertising campaigns for several lending firms.

Average Statistics

  • 85% Contact established rate
  • 16% Lead to loan application rate
  • 53% Reduction in cost per closed scenario
  • 3-5x Close rate the industry average

The Advantage

  • Eliminate the dependency on buying external leads
  • Text message validated, double opt in
  • Increase client retention by advertising to prior, and future borrowers
  • Improve loan officer sentiment, no more smiling and dialing against trash
  • Drastically reduce wasted prospecting efforts, focus and free up time

How does paid customer acquisition work for Lenders?

Month 1:

  • Client Onboarding
  • Setup Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Account Setup & Ad Creation
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Launch Campaigns

Month 2:

  • Strategy & Optimization
  • Creative Refresh Cycles


How quickly will I see results?
When campaigns go live, its instantaneous

What is the approximate cost per lead?
Depending on the ad channel, $9 to $45 is average. Sometimes upwards of $100, product & channel dependent.

How many leads will I receive?
Entirely dependent on your budget and conversion rates. $7500 typically yields 100 to 800 leads – quality is the focus, not quantity.

Without analyst support, I only do basic reporting by ad channel.  Cost per lead, number of leads, total spend – monthly, as requested.


Flexible programs for individual loan officers, small lending shops and large financial institutions. Click the link below to learn more.


Ryan Roberts

He’s worked at Google, Looker, and YouTube and managed $55M in yealy ad spend within 1-4 billion ad impressions per day. You’ll find Ryan solving the toughest marketing problems with unconventional thinking. Like, using credit card BIN’s to audience model for a statistical propensity of travel. Or, building a database of 3.04m real estate professionals to surface funding scenarios. Created + launched top 10% podcast program globally @ Google w/30k active listeners monthly, 340k listeners globally. Drove 780% and 12 months of sustained growth in qualified leads while reducing marketing P&L costs. 1M units shipped, $22M in retail sell-out in products created.