Advertising & Lead Gen Services for Private Mortgage Lending Service Providers / Vendors offers a unique opportunity to promote companies that offer services to private/hard money lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate investors. Our Services Directory is an open resource for everyone in the private lending industry. Our site averages over 10,000 visits per month, and we have a large network of lenders.


We charge a monthly subscription fee to be listed on our website which varies by category, and we offer discounted pricing if paid annually.

  • Capital Providers: $150 monthly or $1,500 annually
  • Technology Providers: $100 monthly or $1,000 annually
  • Services Providers: $50 monthly or $500 annually
    • Legal Services
    • Lender Services
    • Investor Services
    • Due Diligence Services
    • Marketing Services

Setup Fee
We charge a $50 one-time setup fee for all service provider profiles.

Pricing subject to change without notice.

How We Generate Traffic:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Blasts & Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channel with 300+ Videos
  • Industry Event Sponsorship
  • Trade Associations
  • Our Network of Mortgage Brokers

How Leads Are Received

Site visitors may contact you by phone, basic email form, and we’ll add an external link to your website. All of the initial inquiries are tracked and logged in our database. You will be notified that an inquiry came from your Private Lender Link profile page, and you can reply directly to the Lead.

If we add a link to your website, it’s not possible for us to track the lead once they have left our site. However, we can report the number of clicks.

Next Steps:

  1. Sign Up
    Create an account, enter basic details about your company.
  2. Profile Setup
    We’ll copy content from your website or brochure to complete the profile.
  3. Phone System Setup
    We’ll register a local number for your profile to track the leads; calls will be logged and forwarded to your phone.
  4. Billing
    Click the link below to set up monthly billing by credit card. If you prefer to pay annually, let us know and we’ll send an invoice.