When a valuation product is needed, trust the expertise of Valuation Link to provide a high-quality and accurate report of market value. We provide products and services to lending institutions, servicers and developers. Our panel of appraisers includes FHA/HUD–certified professionals providing services on all residential and commercial properties.

  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Alternative Valuations
  • Desktop Appraisals
  • Draw Inspection for New Construction
  • Field and Desk Reviews
  • Multi-Family
  • Residential Appraisals
  • Property Inspection Reports
  • REO
  • Vacant Land
  • Commercial Appraisal Reports
  • Commercial Restricted Appraisal Reports
  • Commercial Desktop Appraisals
  • Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV)

Residential Real Estate

  • Fannie Mae 2055 Drive-by
  • Uniform Residential Appraisal Report 1004
  • Land Only Appraisal Report
  • Field Reviews
  • Desk Reviews
  • Appraiser Certified Evaluation (ACE)
  • Manufactured Home Appraisal Report
  • Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
  • Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report
  • Small Residential Income Property Appraisal
  • Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
  • Automated Valuation Models

Commercial Real Estate

  • Licensed Appraisals
  • Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV)
    • Market Approach and Market and Income Approach
  • Desk Reviews

As an appraiser advocate Appraisal Management Company (AMC), Valuation Link is operated nationwide by seasoned veterans who stand behind our mission: to continually improve the dedication between appraisers and lenders. By continuously analyzing local real estate trends and staying current on valuation techniques through accredited courses, we’ve been able to consistently deliver reliable home valuations for our clients.

Bridging the gap between appraiser and lender

We strongly believe that satisfying lenders—and in turn consumers—allows us to set and achieve long-term goals, giving us a leg up on our competition. Fostering these relationships with lenders has also enabled us to place additional resources toward bolstering our QC process, which begins with a quality appraiser who is compensated for quality work. The appraiser must also be proactively educated on the scope of work, along with Valuation Link’s professional and file-specific expectations.

Once a file reaches QC, our protocol structure is unrivaled. With some lenders our revision rate is near 3%. Delivering a sound, quality product is, without question, the most important aspect of what we do. Anything but the best— with top-notch, qualified reviews—is unacceptable for any client or file.

Why Choose Valuation Link?

When choosing an AMC, there are a few items you should consider in making your selection. Since the appraisal management process is extremely detailed and ever evolving, the AMC you choose should be considered a trusted partner and an extension of your organization. With Valuation Link you can rest assured.

We guarantee that our appraisals are in compliance with the Appraiser Independence Requirements and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Additionally, Valuation Link assigns appraisals based on quality, service performance and geographical competency, rather than fees. Our appraisers dictate their fee schedules, products and coverage areas, which allows us to hire experienced local appraisers to complete your appraisals. As an AMC, we utilize a nationwide network of state-certified appraisers who are experienced in their local market.

Reducing closing times and streamlining your workflow is of the utmost importance to Valuation Link. We review every file in-house with a team of quality control examiners who manually analyze and review all appraisals prior to delivering to the client. Appointments are set within 24 hours of receiving an assignment (depending on borrower availability), and our staff is readily available Monday through Saturday. This quick turnaround time and outstanding customer service sets us apart from the standard AMCs.

Our management team of certified appraisers has over 100 years of appraisal experience, utilizing the most efficient technology to update, track and deliver messages between appraisers and clients. Company policy dictates that we update our clients at every step of the appraisal process, providing outstanding customer service and quality control to all clients.

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