Direct Lender for Real Estate Investors

Yieldi has a loan program that is right for you. We are ready to help you get your loans closed in as little as 5 days. With significant capital and our superior customer service, Yieldi has programs tailored to both commercial and residential loans. Brokers Welcome always!

With our extensive real estate development background, we can fund loans of any type ranging from fix & flip, construction projects with draws, buy & hold for rentals, bridge and even transactional loans.

Please note: we do not offer loans for owner-occupied homes.

Property Geographic Area Details

We specialize in the Southeast but are capable of funding nationwide, except NY and CA.

Loan Amounts

$50,000 to $5,000,000

Interest Rates

10% to 14%

Max Loan-To-Value


Max Loan-To-Cost


Origination Fees

1% to 4%

Loan Terms

6 months to 24 months

Lien Position

  • 1st
  • 2nd

Loan Purpose

  • Investment Acquisition
  • Investment Refinance
  • Improve Subject Property
  • Use Equity to Invest in Another Property
  • Invest in a Business
  • Business Working Capital
  • Value Add Project
  • Development Project

Property Occupancy

  • Vacant
  • Tenant Occupied 100%
  • Tenant Occupied Partial
  • Owner Occupied Commercial
Minimum Occupancy Percentage


Property Types and Loan Types

Collateral Types

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

Property Types

  • 2-4 Units Residential
  • Adult Day Care
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Auto Dealership
  • Auto Repair
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Cannabis Dispensary
  • Cannabis Grow Facility
  • Car Wash
  • Child Day Care
  • Cinema
  • Club
  • Commercial Condominium
  • Commercial Land
  • Community Center
  • Condominium
  • Gas Station
  • Gym
  • Healthcare
  • Hospital
  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Marina
  • Mixed-Use
  • Motel
  • Multifamily
  • Night Club
  • Office
  • Portfolio of Commercial Properties
  • Portfolio of Residential Properties
  • Recreational
  • Rehabilitation Facility
  • Residential Land
  • Retail
  • School
  • Senior Housing
  • Single Family Residence
  • Sports Facility
  • Storage Facility
  • Student Housing
  • Winery

Loan Types

  • Private Money
  • Hard Money
  • Commercial Bridge
  • Residential Bridge
  • Commercial Property Value Add
  • Residential Fix and Flip
  • Residential Rehab and Rent
  • Residential Ground-Up Construction
  • Mezzanine
  • Preferred Equity

Specialty Loan Types

  • 2nd Mortgage Equity Cash Out
  • Land Development
  • Condo Conversion
  • Residential Long-Term Rental
  • Note Purchase
  • Partner Buyout
  • Discounted Note Payoff
  • Cannabis Use Properties
  • Commercial Permanent Financing
  • Primary Residence Bridge
  • Primary Residence Business Purpose Cash Out
  • Transactional Funding
  • Earnest Money Deposit
  • Subdivisions

Junior Liens

Junior Lien Loan Amounts

$150,000 to $3,000,000

Junior Lien Interest Rates

12% to 16%

Junior Lien Loan-to-Value


Junior Lien Loan-to-Cost


Junior Lien Origination Fees

2% to 4%

We Fund Junior Position Loans


Junior Lien Types

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Equity Cash Out
  • Mezzanine
While Yieldi focuses the majority of our loans on 1st mortgage, we will take a junior position in the right deal and also happy to cross-collateralize senior position with a junior position on a second property if the LTV requirements are not met.

Cannabis Use Properties

Loan amounts for cannabis properties range from $150K to $2M. We only consider licensed operators with an existing business that needs funds for additional build-out or growth - NO startup business. Would lend on any real estate asset (land, greenhouse, indoor grow and retail locations) at no more than 50% LTC and would require the license holder to sign as a co-borrower with the real estate asset entity. We value the land itself and can do build outs with draws.

Will Consider Cannabis Use Properties


Maximum LTV for Cannabis Use Properties


Cannabis Property Use Type

  • Cultivation
  • Retail Dispensary
  • Processing
  • Production

Land Loan


We will fund land at a maximum of 50% LTV. We will also fund the construction in draws

Land Types Considered

  • Residential Land
  • Multifamily Land
  • Industrial Land
  • Office Land
  • Retail Land
  • Hospitality Land
  • Cannabis Use Land

Will Consider Land That is NOT Entitled


Max LTV for Land


Max LTC for Land Acquisition


Purchase Loan

Yieldi will fund purchase loans within 5 days. Our Buy & Hold loan program is perfect for properties to be held as rentals or for longer terms. Yieldi provides hard money loans to investors looking to hold a property for an unknown amount of time. The Buy and Hold Program is great for investors who are purchasing or refinancing properties to be held as rentals.

Max Loan-To-Purchase Price


Borrower Must Have Property Under Contract


Will Provide Proof of Funds Letter


Will Consider Lending on Purchase from Auction


Allowed Source of Borrower’s Equity

  • Own Cash
  • Partner
  • Family

Rehab Value Add Loan

We provide hard money fix and flip loans for investors purchasing residential properties. The Fix and Flip Program is great for Investors who are purchasing, rehabbing, and then selling properties. Rates starting at 12% and funding available within 5 days.

Experience Required


Minimum Number of Value-Add Projects Completed by Borrower


Will Provide Funds for Renovation Costs


Max LTC for Renovation Costs


Interest Charged for Renovation Costs

Only on Funds Drawn

Typical Number of Days for Funds Draw


Maximum After Repair Value


Construction Loan

Yieldi can quickly and simply fund any stage of your construction project. We provide new construction loans for residential or commercial properties. Hard money loans are great for investors or builders who are purchasing a lot or tearing down an existing home for new construction.

Development Experience Required


Minimum Number of Ground-Up Construction Projects Completed by Borrower


Max LTC for Ground-Up Construction Costs


Interest Charged for Construction Costs

Only on Funds Drawn

Will Lend on Partially Completed Construction Projects


Details and Requirements

Typical Closing Time (Days)


Fastest Closing Time (Days)


Works With

  • Brokers
  • Borrowers

Payment Structure

  • Interest Only

Pre Payment Penalty


Typically speaking for non fix&flip loans, it will be 6 months

Will lend to a foreign national


Will Allow Junior Position Mortgage(s) Behind Our Senior Mortgage


Will Consider Collateralizing Multiple Properties in One Loan


Will Consider Equity Joint Venture


Borrower Entity Types Considered

  • LLC
  • Limited Partnership
  • Trust
  • Corporation

Appraisal Required for Residential Property


Appraisal Required for Commercial Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Residential Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Commercial Property



Deposit Required

$500.00 to $2,500.00

Deposit taken is credited toward closing costs at closing.

Minimum Origination Fee Amount


Fees which are mandatory for all new borrower clients

  • Deposit

Fees which are charged upfront prior to loan closing

  • Deposit

Borrowers now have a funding option that is smooth, transparent and cuts out all of the unknowns. We have also provided an online platform for accredited investors who can now benefit from real estate’s unique potential for generating consistent cash flow. This is a level of real estate investing that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest investors and institutions. Through our boots on the ground market knowledge, decades of real estate fund management, and an in-house construction team, we provide the ultimate competitive advantage in our ability to dissect these real estate assets.

Company Size (Number of Employees)


Year Established


Office Locations

6000 Lake Forrest Drive, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Primary Capital Source

  • Own Funds
  • Individual Investors
  • Family Offices

Alternative Capital Sources

  • Own Funds
  • Individual Investors
  • Family Offices
  • Single Capital Partner
  • Other Private Lending Companies
  • Friends & Family

Loan Structure for Majority of Loans

  • Own Balance Sheet
  • Multiple Investor Fractionalized Note

Alternative Loan Structures

  • Multiple Investor Fractionalized Note
  • LLC Syndicated Investors
  • Multiple Lender Participation

Percentage of company’s lending business focused on private mortgage


Company’s Other Business Activities Besides Private Mortgage Lending

  • Note Investing
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Development

Percentage of Loans Secured by Commercial Property


Percentage of Loans Secured by Residential Property


Percentage of Residential Property Loans Which are Fix and Flip


Percentage of Residential Property Loans Which are Buy and Hold


Percentage of Loans Secured by Land


Percentage of Commercial Property Loans Which are Ground-Up Construction


Percentage of Residential Property Loans Which are Ground-Up Construction


Total Number of Loans Funded to Date


Total Loan Volume Funded to Date


2018 Number of Loans Funded


2018 Loan Volume Funded


2019 Number of Loans Funded


2019 Loan Volume Funded


Joe Ashkouti


Experienced real estate developer focusing on residential, commercial, mixed use, fix/flips, multi-family and lending. Over 50 years of family experience in real estate development. Currently manages a multi-million dollar fund today.

Josh Lloyd


Josh Lloyd is the co-founder of Yieldi, an online marketplace bringing investments backed by real estate to seasoned investors. Taking advantage of the latest in technology, Yieldi allows borrowers seeking non-traditional financing with an alternative to traditional banks when needing to close loans quickly. With over 20 years of technology and sales experience as well as an extensive family background in real estate, Josh puts this all together to create an easy to use and understand methodology for bringing borrowers together with investors. Prior to Yieldi, Josh was the co-founder and CTO of FitMetrix, which provides state of the art technology to gyms and health clubs to give members the ability to schedule, train and receive real-time tracking of effort and performance through a facility’s website or customizable app. FitMetrix was acquired in 2018 by MINDBODY Prior to FitMetrix, Josh was the co-founder and visionary of ShopVisible LLC, which provided business owners with smart technology that combined solutions for customer service, back office, inventory, marketing, accounting and IT into one SEO friendly tool. Due to the success of ShopVisible, Josh was ranked as one of Atlanta Business Leaders’ Top 25 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta in 2012. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in business from Florida Atlantic University and has 20 years of experience in professional software development. In his free time, Lloyd is a certified pilot of small engine planes and is a rabid Miami Dolphins fan.

Broker Testimonial

I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years now and I have seen and dealt with many lenders. At Yieldi, I have found what this industry lacks, serious commitment, fast and reliable funding, and straight forward underwriting. I know that when the requirements are met by the borrower we will close so I now bring all of my deals to Yieldi.

Private Lending


Investor Testimonial

Yieldi is a very attractive 'bucket' for investment for a number of reasons: the deals are carefully vetted and I can pick and choose exactly which deals I like best, all the deals have an excellent LTV and are always first mortgages which is great protection and, importantly, the amount I invest is totally flexible. Oh, and getting ~10% is very competitive. I wish Yieldi was around years ago!

Bryan K



I ran into a need to an immediate need to fund my business and owe a big thank you to the Yieldi team. The team was able to help me refinance my property in a week and help me get the cash flow I needed. Thank you Yieldi!

Brian S


Loan Request

Short Description of your Loan Request or Property Address

This information is about yourself, not the subject property.


At the end of the form you can enter the additional properties.

(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


how will the loan be paid off?


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