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Need a hard money loan secured by real estate in Arizona? This page has a list of direct hard money lenders that offer quick funding for an Arizona property purchase, refinance, fix & flip, rehab & rent, ground-up construction, and equity cash out in 1st lien position. Hard Money lending is only for investment properties, not for homesteads. The loans are mainly based on equity in the subject property. For most lenders, the maximum LTV is typically 70% for a purchase and 65% for an equity cash out loan. Scroll to see the list of lenders.
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Park Place Finance

Nationwide Direct Private Lender for Residential Real Estate Investors

$100,000 - $2,500,000
12 to 23 months
9.99% - 12.99%
1.50% - 3.00%
Diya Finance

Bridge and Rental Loans Made Easy

$75,000 - $2,500,000
6 to 360 months
6.50% - 12.00%
0 - 3.00%
i Fund Cities

Great F#*%ing Loans, Built By Investors For Investors

$75,000 - $15,000,000
6 to 360 months
7.00% - 12.00%
1.50% - 4.00%
Arch Loans

Low and High Leverage Options, up to 90% of purchase price for fix & flip

$100,000 - $10,000,000
1 to 12 months
8.00% - 15.00%
1.00% - 3.00%
RCN Capital

Direct Lender for Residential Fix & Flip, Long-Term Rental, Bridge Loans

$75,000 - $10,000,000
12 to 360 months
8.00% - 13.00%
2.00% - 5.00%
Center Street Lending

Smarter Loans for Residential Investors

$100,000 - $40,000,000
6 to 24 months
9.00% - 12.50%
0.50% - 2.00%
American Heritage Lending

Direct Lender for Residential Real Estate Investors Nationwide

$100,000 - $5,000,000
12 to 360 months
8.00% - 12.00%
1.00% - 3.00%
Hilton Financial Corporation

"When the bank says NO or moves too slow" TM.

$10,000 - $700,000
12 to 35 months
7.00% - 10.00%
2.00% - 3.00%
Lima One Capital

The Nation's Premier Lender for Real Estate Investors

$75,000 - $20,000,000
13 to 360 months
7.20% - 12.10%
0.25% - 2.50%
Boomerang Capital Partners

The Best Flippin' Lender for House Flippers

$100,000 - $2,500,000
6 to 12 months
12.00% - 13.00%
1.00% - 2.00%

Rental, Fix & Flip, Construction & Multifamily Bridge Loans Nationwide

$75,000 - $50,000,000
12 to 360 months
1.00% - 2.00%
Yieldi LLC

Direct Lender for Investment Properties - Bridge, Rehab, Construction

$500,000 - $25,000,000
6 to 24 months
10.00% - 14.00%
1.00% - 4.00%

Servicing 12,000+ Real Estate Investors Across the Country

$100,000 - $3,000,000
12 to 360 months
Capital Fund 1, LLC

Reliable Private Money for Your Real Estate Projects

$50,000 - $15,000,000
6 to 60 months
8.99% - 12.99%
1.00% - 2.50%

Fix and Flip Direct Lender with all-in-one platform providing comps, capital and community to help you scale

$75,000 - $2,000,000
6 to 12 months
10.00% - 13.00%
1.25% - 2.00%

Arizona Hard Money Interest Rates

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According to the hard money loan documents software company, Lightning Docs, the average interest rate for Arizona hard money loans in the 1st quarter of 2024 was 11.65%. The average loan amount was $632,475. These stats are the average of 58 short-term loans (including bridge, rehab, and ground-up construction) funded for properties in Arizona between January 1, 2024 and March 31, 2024 by multiple hard money lenders that use Lightning Docs as their preferred software provider to prepare loan documents.


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According to private lending data provider, Analytics Logics, the average interest rate for Arizona hard money loans in the 1st quarter of 2024 was 10.62%. Lenders charged an average of 2.0% points (origination fee). The average LTV (loan-to-value) for hard money loans in Arizona was 58%, and the average loan amount was $808,770. These stats are the average of all the loans which were funded between January 1, 2024 and March 31, 2024 by the many hard money lenders who use Liquid Logics’ loan origination software to manage their lending operations.

5 Local Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Here are the hard money lenders on our platform that are “local” lenders, based in Arizona…

  1. Versara Capital
    Based in Mesa, Versara offers a variety of hard money loans for all types of real estate in Arizona – purchase bridge, equity cash out, 2nd mortgages, fix & flip, rehab-to-rent. They are comfortable with commercial real estate, land, and they love mobile homes. Versara doesn’t require appraisals for most residential property loans. They are not too concerned about credit scores.
  2. Old North Capital Fund, LLC
    Based in Tucson, Old North offers rehab and construction loans for residential properties. They don’t check credit and don’t require appraisals. They lend in 19 other states.
  3. Hilton Financial Corporation
    Based in Phoenix and established in 1990, Hilton Financial offers mostly purchase and refinance bridge loans. They do also offer rehab loans. Their maximum loan amount is $700,000. They lend in only 4 other states besides Arizona. We have visited their office.
  4. Capital Fund I
    Based in Scottsdale and established in 2009, Capital Fund seems to be the largest hard money lender in Arizona, in terms of loan volume. They specialize in rehab and construction loans for residential properties, but they also provide bridge loans and will consider commercial real estate. They lend in only 2 other states besides AZ. We have met them in person at industry conferences.
  5. Boomerang Capital Partners
    Based in Mesa and established in 2006, Boomerang only offers hard money loans for residential rehab projects – fix & flip, rehab-to-rent. They lend in only 3 other states besides AZ. We have visited their office.

Top 10 Arizona Hard Money Lenders

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According to Forecasa™, here are the Top 10 Hard Money Lenders ranked by the number of loans originated in Arizona the last 12 months from March 2024.

  1. Capital Fund I
  2. EZ Homes Inc
  3. Boomerang Capital Partners
  4. Quick Source Capital LLC
  5. Frank West Capital LLC
  6. KMS Capital Group LLC
  7. Bench Equity
  8. Ron Swanson Holdings LLC
  9. Kiavi
  10. Active Funding Group LLC

Forecasa™ provides analytics data for Arizona hard money lending on a quarterly basis. You’ll find their top lenders data for many other states on our platform.

Arizona Hard Money Lending Insights from a Local Lender

Phoenix, Arizona has been and continues to be a hot bed for real estate investors. According to Brett Tanner of Versara Capital, many people from different parts of the country have always migrated into Arizona rather than out of it. “If you look at the people coming in and out, there’s always more people coming into Arizona, and that is going to continue to happen,” he says. According to Versara Capital, Mariscopa County in specific, is the ideal environment for real estate investors and hard money lenders. “Mariscopa County has long been the county with more real estate transactions than any other county in the country,” Brett says. Brett also suggests that northern Central Phoenix is a hot market right now with a lot of rehab activity. Investors look for properties built in the 1970s to 1990s that have never been renovated and convert them into more modern homes. “They’re going to go in there and do all the deferred maintenance and make it new. And we see that in a lot of the markets throughout the valley,”Brett says.

In Arizona, the competition among lenders mirrors that of other states. There are small to medium-sized companies that lend using their own capital and assets, like Versara Capital, alongside larger companies with more complex processes that may result in longer processing times.

Another reason Arizona is a popular market for investors is the growth in job opportunities. Brett says, “There are tons of people in the job space, employers are coming in here creating jobs which creates opportunity.”

Watch Brett Tanner’s interview below to learn more about Arizona real estate investing and hard money lending


Versara Capital, LLC, is a hard money lender committed to providing real estate investors and business owners with trustworthy, efficient, and experienced lending services. For the last decade, they have been Arizona’s fastest, most reliable hard money lender. Their primary product is the standard fix and flip project but they also provide loans for purchase, refinance, cash out refi, rehab to rent, residential multifamily and commercial land. Unlike other lenders, they don’t shy away from lending on all types of properties including mobile homes. They are an asset-based lender, who focuses more on the real property than the individual’s creditworthiness, which allows investors to add a quick closing as a value add to their purchase offers.

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