Upstate New York Owner-Occupied Home Lenders

Are you seeking a loan secured by an owner-occupied home in Upstate New York? Unfortunately, private money or hard money lenders do not consider owner-occupied homes. Private lending is only for investment properties and only for business purposes. A loan secured by the borrower's primary or secondary residence is considered a consumer-purpose mortgage which is highly regulated by state and federal law. This applies to all residential properties with up to 4 units, including homes with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or separate rental unit. A Non-QM (non-qualified) mortgage may be an alternative option. Non-QM lenders consider lower credit scores, self-employed borrowers and other unique situations. However, they still require the borrower to document their ability to repay and afford the monthly payments with sufficient income. If you don't see any companies listed below, try searching online for non-QM lenders in your state.
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