Accountants for Private Mortgage Lenders

This page has a list of Accounting Firms that serve private mortgage lenders (AKA hard money lenders or bridge lenders) throughout the United States.


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What do accounting firms do for private lenders?

The job of an accounting firm is to make accounting easier and allow lenders to concentrate on more important tasks.

Most accounting firms offer personalized services and cover a variety of duties including:

  • Interim and annual financial reporting
  • Manage independent tax review and filing of final tax returns
  • Coordinate cash and in-kind distributions
  • Management fee calculation and allocation
  • Investor capital account reporting and maintenance
  • Profit and loss allocation processing
  • Monitor cash forecasting for fund of funds entities
  • Coordinate preparation of K-1 Schedules
  • Portfolio investment tracking for specific allocations at the GP level
  • Coordinate capital call process
  • Annual tax estimates for fund of funds entities and direct funds with portfolios that include flow-through investments
  • Carried interest allocation and distribution calculations
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Gross and net IRR computations
  • Track portfolio detail using client-defined metrics
  • Manage independent audits
  • Track and reconcile underlying investments for fund of funds entities
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Tax strategy planning and identification
  • Manage cash and short-term investments
  • Annual tax allocations through investor level, for review by independent tax accountants
  • Review of fund documents during fund formation
  • Manage vendor accounts payable

In simple words, these companies offer accounting, taxation, cash management, and administrative services.

Should lender hire an accounting firm?

While there are many benefits of working with an accounting firm, not every lender needs one. We must, however, mention that a large number of lenders work with accounting firms due to the following advantages:

Better Compliance

Accounting firms are fully aware of accounting standards and legal ways to file taxes and returns. When you work with an accounting firm, you will not have to worry about legal trouble as most firms have a legal department that ensures you are fully compliant.

Most firms manage independent audits so that you’re fully prepared. They can foresee potential issues and solve problems before they arise.

Less Risk

Taking care of your own accounts can turn out to be risky. Most lenders don’t understand accounting as they’re usually more interested in giving money and earning profits. Accounting isn’t only about logging transactions, it covers tracking allocations, forecasting numbers, and reconciling files.

Even a small mistake can cost a business millions. Plus, the time taken to correct such mistakes can be very costly as well. When you work with an accounting firm, you outsource all potential headaches.

It is the job of the company to reduce your risk, account for errors, and review all documents.

More Savings

Working with an accounting firm may be costly but worth it. Most experts agree that accounting firms can help save money in the long run by reducing bad debts, saving tax money, and decreasing expenditure.

You will not have to hire a team of accountants. The firm will handle the entire process without filling up office space.


The biggest benefit of working with an accounting firm is the ease. Your team will be free to concentrate on new ideas, winning bigger clients, and taking care of other aspects of your business.


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