Foreclosure Services for Private Hard Money Lenders

This page has a list of companies that provide Foreclosure Processing services to private money and hard money mortgage lenders in the United States.


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So What Does a Company Offering Foreclosure Services Do?

Due to a large number of defaulters, it has become difficult for lenders to manage the foreclosure process on their own. The main job of a foreclosure business is to ensure your loan gets worked out in the black.

Contrary to popular belief, companies that offer foreclosure services don’t only help ‘sell’ the house. They also often work with the borrower to come up with ways to avoid foreclosure.

Here are some of the services a foreclosure company offers:

  • Foreclosure Processing
  • Reconveyance Services
  • After Sale Packages
  • Bankruptcy Relief
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Evictions
  • Errors and Omissions
  • 24/7 Online Status Reports
  • Forbearance Agreements
  • On-site Training and Consulting

Some states require the lender to first go through the courts and get permission to foreclose. A foreclosure agency can help get the required permission by proving that the debtor delinquent, i.e.: not able to make payments.

You can even choose a foreclosure company for consulting matters. They can help you find solutions to your problems and allow you to get more done.

Benefits of Working with a Foreclosure Agency

Here’s why it might be a good idea to hire the services of a foreclosure agency:

Avoid Legal Issues

Foreclosure can be tricky since there are several legal aspects to take care of. The lender doesn’t only have to prove the buyer’s inability to pay, but to also generate deeds and agreements related to the deal.

There can be legal issues if no proper notice has been sent to the owner or there are missing documents.

Efficient Process

Foreclosure can get complicated if the owner declines to leave the property or starts an argument. Such problems can lead to complex issues that are better handled by a third-party that excels in getting the job done.

Save Time 

As mentioned earlier, the process can take about two years. The lender can’t afford to devote so much time to a case as it can result in a wastage of resources. By outsourcing the job, a lender can concentrate on more important tasks and ensure profits are made.

Ensure You Get Paid

Lenders don’t always like the idea of foreclosing a house. They’re more interested in getting paid and prefer avoiding the hassles foreclosure brings. However, that’s not always possible and they often may have no option but to sell the property. An agency that excels in foreclosure is the best option as they work to secure money while also offering after sale services.

Choosing a Foreclosure Company

Since the process differs from estate to estate, it is important to choose a company that works in your state and offers a variety of foreclosure-related services.

At Private Lender Link, we work to help you make the right decision and have covered some of the best firms offering foreclosure services. Scroll above and have a look at our top picks and choose one that meets your standards and requirements.