Investment Management Software

Below is a list of companies that provide software to help private lenders manage mortgage investors and their investments. This is applicable to debt funds, mortgage REITs, lenders offering trust deed investments, and lenders that are raising capital from multiple investors.


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What Is Investment Management Software for Private Lenders?

Investment Management Software helps lenders from the origination stage to management and collection. It provides you with integrated tools for tracking activities, investments, and standards of audit compliance, storing information about all kinds of loans, managing interest rates, and generating precise reports.

Types of Loans the Investment Management Software Manages

The lenders that provide basic unsecured loans or simple credits or large financial institutions that offer big mortgages and funding options to companies can use investment management software. However, it is important to determine the loan type you need to manage before selecting the right software. The different types of loans include syndicated loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, student loans, and payday loans.

Why Use Investment Management Software

The use of investment management tools offers multiple benefits to users.

  • It automates your workflow. You can visualize your ROI using intuitive workflows.
  • Make the process of lending much efficient and easier.
  • The automation and digitization of the records boosts efficiency.

Some Common Features of Investment Management Software

With the help of investment management software, you can manage investments or loans throughout their life cycles or focus on a specific stage. For instance, you may determine the loan amount manually while needing a tool to track and manage payment plans and terms. Some common features that these tools offer include the following:

  • Loan servicing
  • Loan origination
  • Loan collections
  • Reporting

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