Software for Real Estate Investors

This page lists companies that provide software tools to real estate investors. This includes software to help find properties, software to manage rehab projects, software to manage rental properties and more.


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We live in a digital era where success largely depends on digital tools. Gone are the days of manual labor, investors now have the option to use investing tools to make the right investment decision.

Leveraging digital tools can make things easier. Whether it’s searching for deals, analyzing potential investments, or managing properties, property investment software can prove to be of great value.

What is Property Investment Software?

Designed for borrowers, property investing software serves a simple purpose – make real estate investing easier.

There are several property investment tools and while they’re all made to aid investors, not all come with the same set of features.

These tools can help investors find real and reliable projects to compare and choose one that offers the highest return on investment.

Property investment software can help analyze properties on a variety of elements including type, size, price, and location. Some come with additional perks and features.

Benefits of Using Property Investment Software

Here’s why it might be a good idea to try a property investment tool:

Helps Save Time

Property investment software saves time by automating complex tasks and processes. You can use these tools to estimate rehab costs and create a detailed scope of work in minutes. You will not have to waste time calculating expenses or looking for a contractor to provide estimates.

Good for Profit

The main purpose of any real estate investment is to make money. The most important factor here is the buying price. If you don’t purchase at the right price, you will not be able to make a decent profit. These tools can help investors analyze deals and calculate profitability.

Helps Save Money

Property investing technology tools can improve the bottom line by reducing costs. Since these tools can manage operations, you will not have to worry about hiring managers to look into things since most software can manage start date, completion dates, and specific milestones with regular reminders. Moreover, you can even use these tools to track tasks to ensure progress is made.

Makes Management Easier

These tools reduce administration work and make it easier to manage all property-related tasks including tracking expenses, managing schedules, and budgets. Moreover, some software systems even have the ability to create investment reports that can be presented to potential investors and partners.

Is Property Investment Software Easy to Use?

While it depends on the tool you have selected, most software are easy to use as they’re designed for the everyday investor and come with simple navigation options.

Look for a software application that fits your requirements. Some tools are made for medium and small investors and some are more suitable for big corporations with millions to invest.

We suggest that you get your hands on software that is user-friendly and available on multiple devices including computers, phones, and tablets with the option to sync data.

Which Property Investment Software to Choose

We have listed some of the best property investing software above but not all might be suitable for you. It’s important that you pick a tool according to your requirements.

Here are a few things to remember when selecting a property investment software:

Price and License Type

This is an obvious one. Look for a tool that’s within your budget.

Additionally, pay attention to the type of license. If you’re a long-term investor then go for a lifetime license so that you don’t have to worry about having to pay subscription charges every month or year. However, if you’re new or not sure about a tool then it is best that you choose a short-term license so that you can get to use a tool before you make a long commitment.

Security and Privacy

Very few people pay attention to this factor but security can be of huge importance because the software may contain information including confidential data.

Make sure it is not easy to hack and offers password protection and/or encryption, especially if it uses the cloud to store data.

Ease of Use

Choose a tool that is easy to use so that you don’t have to waste time trying to get things done.

There might be a learning curve if this is your first time using property investment software, so look for one that comes with a guide or tutorial.


Make sure to get your hands on a tool that has all the features that you need so that you don’t need to use multiple programs to get what you need.

At, our aim is to help you discover some great property investment software companies. Scroll up and view each company’s profile, then visit their websites to learn more, and contact them directly.