Loan Origination Software

Companies providing software to manage the origination of private and hard money loans. LOS software provides a system to handle leads, intake loan request details, underwrite borrowers, store documents, manage contacts, and automate workflows.

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Transaction Management Software

Companies providing software to manage mortgage loan transactions, enabling private lenders to do basic functions like uploading a deal and sharing with multiple parties to collaborate on closing a loan. Transaction software is a lightweight alternative to a LOS.

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Loan Servicing Software

Companies providing software to manage the servicing of private and hard money loans. Lenders who service their own loans and third party loan servicing companies need a software system to log payments received, distribute payments to investors, send automated notices, etc.

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Investment Management Software

Companies providing software to help private lenders manage mortgage investors and their investments. This is applicable to debt funds, mortgage REITs, lenders offering trust deed investments, and lenders that are raising capital from multiple investors.

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Technology Consultants

Consultants and consulting firms that assist private mortgage lenders/brokers with implementing technology solutions. This includes configuring CRMs, setting up automation, improving workflows, integrating multiple technology platforms, software training and more.

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Data Services

Companies that provide data related to investment real estate and private mortgage lending. This includes data that helps lenders & property investors prospect for business development or data that helps private lenders determine property values.

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Technology for Private & Hard Money Mortgage Lending

We have assembled a list of companies that provide technology solutions and software to private hard money lenders and mortgage brokers. Select one of the categories above to see the list of companies. View their profiles, and contact them by phone or email. To ensure you will get the best service possible, please mention that you found them on Private Lender Link.


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