Los Angeles, CA


Single Family Residence


Transaction by
ARCH Loans
In May 2019, a real estate investor approached us with a fantastic deal that required transactional funding for a double close wholesale transaction. The subject property is a single family residence in the sought-after Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was an opportunity that needed action taken immediately before the deal was lost. This was a no-brainer for us because the investor already had an end-buyer lined up, and it was easy to see the value in the property. In just two days, we provided 100% financing on the purchase of $430,000. Our unique transactional funding product has an added bonus - if the borrower pays off our loan within 30 days, we will refund them 1 point (origination fee) and a portion of the loan processing fees. The cherry on top for our new borrower client was the speed of the loan and the refund on-top of that.