Private Money Loan for San Diego Multifamily Rehab Project

Funded by Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc.

San Diego, CA



Commercial Property Value Add

Transaction by
Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc.
Wilshire Quinn Capital provided a $1,825,000 purchase and rehab loan for a multifamily property in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. The property has 6 apartment units and a single-family residence, on a 6,971 square-foot lot. In this lending scenario we were approached by a seasoned investor and developer, with an 800 plus credit score, who has an outstanding track record of rehabbing multi-family properties in the San Diego area. We feel extremely confident in the borrower’s ability to execute on the renovation plan and deliver a highly desirable product once completed. The property was appraised for $2,500,000, so the loan-to-value is 73 percent.