Largo, FL


Assisted Living Facility


Transaction by
Wilshire Finance Partners
In late 2019, Wilshire Finance Partners provided a bridge loan for the purchase of a senior assisted living facility in Largo, Tampa Bay, Florida. An experienced operator and repeat borrower identified a family-run senior assisted living facility that was not maximizing its full potential. Based on the square footage and existing approvals, the new operator would be able to increase the bed count and cash flow using existing regulatory approvals. Further, additional value would be created through a minor zoning change to the facility’s parking. In a transaction that was more efficient than syndicated equity, Wilshire delivered 85% of the capital stack consisting of first mortgage of $2,795,000 and a participating second mortgage of $860,000. The benefits to the sponsor under this facility included an efficient, single source of capital and lower cost capital as compared to preferred equity. The loan term is 24 months.