San Diego, CA


Single Family Residence

Residential Fix and Flip

Transaction by
TaliMar Financial
In November 2020, TaliMar Financial funded a $395,500 1st position hard money loan for a single family home fix & flip project in San Diego. The Borrower first approached TaliMar Financial to sign up for our Preferred Borrower Program which offers fix and flip real estate investors a Line of Credit, access to our Proof of Funds Letters, and expedited closings. With our POF Letter, they submitted their offer and had it accepted. We closed in less than 5 business days. The Borrower intends to complete a moderate renovation of the home before listing it for sale. The renovations will include modifying the floor plan, updating the kitchen and bathrooms, and replacing the flooring throughout. The biggest hurdle on this transaction was that the seller demanded a quick close. They were so adamant about the quick close, the listing agent contacted us and requested written confirmation we could close in less than 5 business days. After the close, the listing agent follow up and thanked us for such a smooth closing.