Tavernier, FL


Single Family Residence

Transaction by
Stormfield Capital, LLC
Stormfield Capital, a direct private lending firm, funded a $765,000 bridge loan for the purchase of a waterfront single family investment property in Tavernier, Florida. The investor was left scrambling after his relationship bank told him that it would take them 120 days to close his loan. Stormfield was able to fund this purchase-money loan in 7 business days from application. We did not require an appraisal. The loan was custom structured for the Borrower's unique scenario. The loan includes a three month interest reserve and there is no prepayment penalty. The Borrower's strategy is to complete minor cosmetic improvements to the property and then refinance with a conventional bank loan. Tavernier is located on Key Largo, in the upper Florida Keys. This residential bridge loan was funded in December 2020.