San Diego, CA


Single Family Residence


Transaction by
TaliMar Financial
TaliMar Financial funded a $638,000 Fix and Flip loan secured by a single-family house in San Diego, CA. The Borrower plans to complete a cosmetic update of the property before listing it for sale. This was another successful example of our client using our Preferred Borrower Program to get their offer accepted utilizing our Proof of Funds letter and then closing within 5 business days. No appraisal was required. The renovations will include replacing the kitchen and bathrooms, installing new windows and flooring, and repainting the interior and exterior. The floorplan will be updated to open the kitchen area to the living room. The landscaping will be replaced to offer more curb appeal. The renovations will take 4 to 6 months. The loan was underwritten to 70% of completion value and included funds for the purchase and 100% of the renovation budget. The renovation funds will be disbursed to the borrower in 5 draws. This fix & flip loan was funded in March 2021.