Vista, CA


Single Family Residence

Residential Fix and Flip

Transaction by
S&L Capital Group
Over the years, we have witnesses a continued trend that Licensed Agents, Brokers and General Contractors have been taking down more deals. We could not be more thrilled to see this trend as they are the backbone to any successful flip. This funding was to one of the strongest teams we could ask for. Borrower 1: Licensed Real Estate Broker Borrower 2: Licensed General Contractor Having synergies in their operation is an understatement as both borrowers stick to what they are good at. Sourcing and selling homes vs. completing the rehab as quickly and economically as possible. All while keeping most commissions and profits in house. S&L Capital Group provided a 12 month fix and flip loan with no rehab holdback for this Vista, CA flip. Understanding their strengths, they did not want to deal with a fund control and requested we don't finance any of the rehab. From acquisition to final sell, this flip took 2.5 months.