$2,950,000 Purchase & Refinance in Stockton

Funded by Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC

Stockton, CA


Marina, Recreational

Transaction by
Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC
A repeat borrower approached Rubicon with the intent of purchasing this Marina in Stockton, CA. This marina is fully equipped with docks, a fuel station, a bar/restaurant, camp sites, and rentable cabins. As a business, Rubicon prides itself on making the process easy for our borrower. This repeat borrower knew what to expect from our reliable and efficient team – a seamless transaction. A portion of the loan was used to refinance the borrowers existing loan and the remainder provided the additional capital needed to complete the purchase. For additional collateral, this loan also includes a second marina located in Stockton. 5 Year Term 1st Deed of Trust on both properties 60% CLTV