Ground-Up Construction Loan for Tennis Club in Moraga, California

Funded by Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC


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Commercial Ground-Up Construction

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1st Mortgage

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Interest Only



Deal Highlights

Owner of a non-profit organization had difficulty securing conventional financing.

Deal Summary

Rubicon Mortgage Fund, a private lending firm that specializes in asset-based loans, funded a $3,750,000 construction loan for a recreation center in Moraga, CA. Many of the buildings on the property will be demolished to make space for the new proposed renovations of the tennis club. Being a non-profit organization, it was more difficult for the owner to secure conventional financing, making Rubicon an asset to complete the project. Rubicon provided a one-year loan on the property at 60% LTV and secured in first position deed of trust. The loan term was set at 24 months. This CRE ground-up construction loan was funded in October 2021.

Funded By

Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC

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