Bridge Loan for Non-Profit Organization in Pleasanton

Funded by Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC

Pleasanton, CA


Single Family Residence


Transaction by
Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC
This loan was to fund the purchase of this single-family home, in first position deed of trust. In order to accommodate the borrower’s request, Rubicon was able to take additional security with a commercial building currently being used as a Chabad House.

“Rubicon Mortgage Fund transformed our community’s acquisition from a stressful and complex undertaking into a smooth and trouble-free process. The members of their team were friendly, approachable, and took a genuine interest in our project. Our organization feels proud to have had Rubicon Mortgage Fund as partners and funders in building community life in the Tri-Valley.”

Rubicon understands the borrowers situation and finds the solution:
Property Location: Bryce Canyon – Pleasanton, California
Property Type: Single Family Residential & Commercial
Lien Position: 1st lien on house Deed of Trust on acquisition 2nd on commercial
Loan Purpose: Purchase a Single Family Property for internal purposes.
Loan Amount: $1,400,000
Loan Term: 9 months