Fix & Flip Loan for SFR in Philadelphia

Funded by i Fund Cities

Philadelphia, PA


Single Family Residence

Residential Fix and Flip

Transaction by
i Fund Cities
REHAB BUDGET: $ 64,075

Erik, one of our super-on-it i Fund Cities loan officers, met a property investor at a local real estate meetup event in Philadelphia (btw, come on out and network with an excellent group of other investors on Tuesday nights at the Hotel Sofitel)! The investor had already done several real estate investment projects in Philadelphia, including fix and flips, rental, and multifamily. This deal was a fix and flip. His deal was supposed to close around October 2021. But, as the closing date drew near, the title company found out that there was an issue with clearing a city lien from the title. They needed a city tax release, which would hold up closing. As the closing date kept getting pushed back, the investor’s private money backers wanted to place their money elsewhere, and they pulled out. That is when the investor called Erik. Erik told him that i Fund Cities would stand by him and be there to close this loan once the lien was cleared. Erik immediately got the appraisal transferred into our name and began the underwriting process. Erik assured this investor that iFC was here to customize his loan to fit the current needs surrounding the deal. We ended up fully funding the project construction along with 75% of the down payment for the purchase of the property.

The KEY LOAN BENEFIT for the borrower, says iFC Loan Officer Erik, is “We won this deal by supporting a customer when other sources of capital weren't available. Because of this, we hope that we have won a customer for life. In fact, we are in the process of running down this investor’s next deal!”

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “This client called me the day after closing say how much of a stress relief this was to get it to the closing table and how he thought the deal was lost multiple times before calling me,” says Erik.