Recent Funding – 30 year fixed rate

Funded by S&L Capital Group

Florissant, MO


Single Family Residence

Residential Long-Term Rental

Transaction by
S&L Capital Group
The new craze in the hard money lending industry is the 30 year DSCR loan. In reality, this is not a new loan type and we have been funding them since 2019. S&L Capital recently funded a refinance for a repeat client of ours in Florissant, Missouri. Over the last 18 months, the borrower truly reaped the benefit of property appreciation in their market while already having a strong cash flowing property. We put them in a $118,500 30 year fixed rate loan, at 3.75% and improved their monthly cash flow by 24.60%. The APR on this loan was 5.52%. The Company has invested a lot of time over the years to bring a truly streamlined submission and funding process for its clients.