Recent Funding – 30 Year DSCR Loan (No AMC Requirement)

Funded by S&L Capital Group

Pomona, CA


2-4 Units Residential

Residential Long-Term Rental

Transaction by
S&L Capital Group
S&L Capital Group recently closed a cash-out refinance for a repeat client of theirs in Pomona, CA. The borrower acquired the triplex right out of the great recession and had accumulated a lot of equity over the years. Our loan created liquidity in order for them to acquire their next flip. S&L Capital Group wrote a $661,000 loan at a 30 year, 4.625% fixed rate / 6.15% APR. What our client liked about the process is our loan structure and pricing did not change from our initial quote on Day 1. Where AMC's have been extremely backlogged over the last 18 months, S&L Capital Group was able to use a local appraiser for this closing which saved 10 days on the closing timeline. Our final LTV came in at 69.95% and we were able to improve their note rate by 30.19%.