Bridge Loans Save Borrower in (2) SFR Deal Emergency in Madisonville, LA

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Single Family Residence
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1st Mortgage

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Interest Only

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Deal Highlights

Client got his cash and property that he thought he was going to lose for good.

Deal Summary

This Client was referred to us through a real estate mastermind Facebook page. The Customer was working with another lender that was unresponsive and was being untruthful about where the loan stood. The Client emailed our super-on-it loan officer Caitlin on a Saturday, telling her that he had an emergency. He had a week to close on two different loans: a cash-out refinance and a purchase loan! Caitlin got to work that same day. She recalls, “There were a lot of hurdles we had to jump over to make this happen, but we were able to close both of his loans on time. He was absolutely shocked and thrilled that we were able to get this done.”

This bridge loan was funded in March 2022.

Key Benefit to Borrower:

Thanks to Caitlin and iFC, this client got his cash and property that he thought he was going to lose for good. 

Customer Feedback:

Says the client, “I called and talked to Caitlin Davis on a Saturday after being recommended to i Fund Cities in an investor group I belong to. I explained my nightmare situation with my current lender/scam company, that I only had a week to close because I had it been pushed back twice already. Caitlin took the ball running, offering me a way out. She worked every single day, even during the weekend, and was on top of everything. I found my new go-to for all my investment lending needs!”

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